Training plans, rigid or flexible…

I just finished my run for today, I did a 4 mile negative split run on the treadmill while my girls napped. I’m loosely following the Train Like a Mother Half Marathon – Own it Plan for my Half in May. This is the plan as I’ve laid it out. It is VERY unlike me to loosely follow any training schedule. Usually I follow it to the T, too much so in many cases, as I’ve gotten injured from being unwilling to take a rest day.

According to the plan Thursdays are supposed to be rest days, I’ve been running most Thursdays because I often have my MIL to watch the girls. This means that despite the plan having 5 running days most weeks, I’ve been running 6 (my extra day has always been SUPER slow and easy). Today was supposed to be a 8k (5 mile) negative split run, but Tuesdays was supposed to be a 4 mile (6.5k Tempo), I did a 8k (5 mile) tempo on Tuesday, so decided that it was better to run a bit less today, especially since I’m planning to run 4-5ish k tomorrow and long run on Saturday.

I’ve found that this training cycle has been a bit up in the air with me juggling things more than usual. I’m always juggling my girls schedules, naptime, stroller runs, etc, plus my running partner Lori is just getting back into the swing of things after having had her baby, and I really want to run with her when I can, so with everything, the schedule has played second fiddle. How rigid are you with your schedule? Follow it to the letter, or juggle things around as needed?

This week has been busy in some regards, with appointments (I have to have a root canal tomorrow 😦 UGH), but I also had a bit of a break with Maiya staying at her grandma’s for two nights! I sure missed her though, and it was great to have BOTH of my smiling girls home this morning 🙂




Injury Proof

My goal in all my running this year is to be and become injury proof.  I’m trying to NOT focus on PR’s or running lots of km’s/miles but to run smart and build my base so that I can get back to running fast and long in the future.  This is hard for me, I’m a bit type ‘A’ in my running and really like to keep track of the #’s, I’m always looking at my stats and thinking if I squeeze in this one more run my weekly/monthly/yearly totals will be all the better.  I also am very bad at taking a day off when my schedule has a run on it.

Today was a SRD from running.  I have a regular workout date with my friend Theresa on Mondays.  We do a warmup, and then strength train.  I’m really working on my rear chain (hams, glutes, back, etc) and core, as I think that’s the base that I need to avoid injuries.  I’ve also been trying to work in some strength training during my regular week days, which usually consists of theraband work, leg lifts, clam shells, and a few other random exercises I’ve seen online and in running magazines.  Here is my dailymile record of today’s weight session.

After the gym and lunch Anne (MIL) came and got Maiya so she could go to Grandma’s for a sleepover!  Maiya was very excited, as was I 🙂  I obviously love my days with my wonderful toddler, but also enjoy some time with just Olivia, and better yet some time to get some stuff done around the house!  Olivia was busy smiling and having some good tummy time before I put her down for her afternoon nap.Image

Long run and ‘refueling’

I had my weekly long run scheduled today – 15 km. My MIL (Anne) came over to watch the girls so that Tim and I could run together. We are totally blessed to have her in town and so involved in the girls lives. Tim wasn’t sure if he had 15 in him today, he would have preferred to run long on Sunday. He promised to do at least 5k with me and see how it went.

The first 5 k didn’t go great for me. I felt winded and either had a stitch or my ovarian cyst was acting up. Tim did decide to bail on the run at 5k. I took a couple minutes to get my iPhone going and playing a podcast. Once I got going again I felt much better. I ran another 5k out from him feeling great, then turned back. The wind had been at my back and was easing the effort. After a couple more km’s my left hip flexor started to tighten up. It bugged me a bit on the way in and the total distance was tiring but totally doable. I’m really easing into my distances and trying to build a solid base. These are my dailymile stats.

After a bite to eat (bacon and egg sandwich, mmm) and a bath, I started working on my afternoon project in the kitchen. Butternut squash ravioli. I already had the squash roasted and so started making some homemade pasta.

It was a simple recipe with flour and eggs.


While the pasta dough was resting, I mixed up the filling, roasted squash, mascarpone cheese and parm were the main ingredients.  This is the filling recipe.  I rolled out the pasta using my Kitchen Aid pasta attachment, and made the ravioli


I ran out of time to make up the entire batch, but easily made enough ravioli for dinner tonight, and will mix up the rest tomorrow. Here’s the finished product with sage garlic butter, mmmm delicious!


It’s Friday :)

I’ve been working at figuring out WordPress and what I can/cannot do. I’m a little disappointed in the wigits, and that I cannot put HTML code in. I’m sure I’ll get over it though…

Today’s run was an easy stroller run with Lori and the kiddo’s (minus Liam, who’s in daycare). As always, we ended our Friday run with a Starbucks run, YAY!

I’m still toying with whether I should even be running on Friday’s. It’s a 4th day in a row, and I normally do my LR’s on Saturday, and a recovery run on Sundays, which means I’m running 6 days a week. The Friday runs started as Lori’s c25K, which included quite a bit of walking, so I wasn’t even counting them. Today, other than walking up the hills, we ran the whole run. I’ve heard different opinions on rest days vs easy run days, and know that there are people who do run 6-7 days a week. How many days a week do you run? Do you recover better with rest, or an easy run?

Here’s some pics of our running partners from today 🙂



Blogging my running and family life

I’ve decided to start a new blog. The title refers to my running and that is going to be a major topic here, but I think I’ll also use this as a place to brag about my family. I chose WordPress as it had a well reviewed app for my iPhone. It will be a bit of an experiment at first to see how the posts work from my phone.

Day 1: Today’s run was a tempo on the treadmill. I’m training for a couple half-marathons this spring, the first will be a B race as it often has inclement weather. I’m loosely following the ‘Own It’ plan from the book Train Like a Mother. Loosely because I’m just 5 months postpartum and prone to injury. As for today, it was a tempo, 1 mile wu, 2 mile tempo @ 7.0 mph (5:20/km) and a 1 mile cd.

Picking training paces has been a bit random as I have no idea of what I’m currently capable of. I had some huge PR’s right before I got pregnant with Olivia, but honestly doubt my ability to ever match them again. I have calculated some training paces based on a 2 hr half marathon and will work with those for the time being.

I spent my morning today with Maiya at her Gymboree music class. I would have had no idea that she was even paying attention, except that she was running around singing songs from class tonight. I also put Olivia in the jolly jumper for the first time in a while. She doesn’t quite know what to make of it yet, but it is fun to have her interacting and playing more.