Blogging my running and family life

I’ve decided to start a new blog. The title refers to my running and that is going to be a major topic here, but I think I’ll also use this as a place to brag about my family. I chose WordPress as it had a well reviewed app for my iPhone. It will be a bit of an experiment at first to see how the posts work from my phone.

Day 1: Today’s run was a tempo on the treadmill. I’m training for a couple half-marathons this spring, the first will be a B race as it often has inclement weather. I’m loosely following the ‘Own It’ plan from the book Train Like a Mother. Loosely because I’m just 5 months postpartum and prone to injury. As for today, it was a tempo, 1 mile wu, 2 mile tempo @ 7.0 mph (5:20/km) and a 1 mile cd.

Picking training paces has been a bit random as I have no idea of what I’m currently capable of. I had some huge PR’s right before I got pregnant with Olivia, but honestly doubt my ability to ever match them again. I have calculated some training paces based on a 2 hr half marathon and will work with those for the time being.

I spent my morning today with Maiya at her Gymboree music class. I would have had no idea that she was even paying attention, except that she was running around singing songs from class tonight. I also put Olivia in the jolly jumper for the first time in a while. She doesn’t quite know what to make of it yet, but it is fun to have her interacting and playing more.



One thought on “Blogging my running and family life

  1. Heather H

    Nice start to your blog Terry! Looking forward to following it, and reading about your awesome running and racing this year will bring!

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