It’s Friday :)

I’ve been working at figuring out WordPress and what I can/cannot do. I’m a little disappointed in the wigits, and that I cannot put HTML code in. I’m sure I’ll get over it though…

Today’s run was an easy stroller run with Lori and the kiddo’s (minus Liam, who’s in daycare). As always, we ended our Friday run with a Starbucks run, YAY!

I’m still toying with whether I should even be running on Friday’s. It’s a 4th day in a row, and I normally do my LR’s on Saturday, and a recovery run on Sundays, which means I’m running 6 days a week. The Friday runs started as Lori’s c25K, which included quite a bit of walking, so I wasn’t even counting them. Today, other than walking up the hills, we ran the whole run. I’ve heard different opinions on rest days vs easy run days, and know that there are people who do run 6-7 days a week. How many days a week do you run? Do you recover better with rest, or an easy run?

Here’s some pics of our running partners from today 🙂




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