Long run and ‘refueling’

I had my weekly long run scheduled today – 15 km. My MIL (Anne) came over to watch the girls so that Tim and I could run together. We are totally blessed to have her in town and so involved in the girls lives. Tim wasn’t sure if he had 15 in him today, he would have preferred to run long on Sunday. He promised to do at least 5k with me and see how it went.

The first 5 k didn’t go great for me. I felt winded and either had a stitch or my ovarian cyst was acting up. Tim did decide to bail on the run at 5k. I took a couple minutes to get my iPhone going and playing a podcast. Once I got going again I felt much better. I ran another 5k out from him feeling great, then turned back. The wind had been at my back and was easing the effort. After a couple more km’s my left hip flexor started to tighten up. It bugged me a bit on the way in and the total distance was tiring but totally doable. I’m really easing into my distances and trying to build a solid base. These are my dailymile stats.

After a bite to eat (bacon and egg sandwich, mmm) and a bath, I started working on my afternoon project in the kitchen. Butternut squash ravioli. I already had the squash roasted and so started making some homemade pasta.

It was a simple recipe with flour and eggs.


While the pasta dough was resting, I mixed up the filling, roasted squash, mascarpone cheese and parm were the main ingredients.  This is the filling recipe.  I rolled out the pasta using my Kitchen Aid pasta attachment, and made the ravioli


I ran out of time to make up the entire batch, but easily made enough ravioli for dinner tonight, and will mix up the rest tomorrow. Here’s the finished product with sage garlic butter, mmmm delicious!



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