Injury Proof

My goal in all my running this year is to be and become injury proof.  I’m trying to NOT focus on PR’s or running lots of km’s/miles but to run smart and build my base so that I can get back to running fast and long in the future.  This is hard for me, I’m a bit type ‘A’ in my running and really like to keep track of the #’s, I’m always looking at my stats and thinking if I squeeze in this one more run my weekly/monthly/yearly totals will be all the better.  I also am very bad at taking a day off when my schedule has a run on it.

Today was a SRD from running.  I have a regular workout date with my friend Theresa on Mondays.  We do a warmup, and then strength train.  I’m really working on my rear chain (hams, glutes, back, etc) and core, as I think that’s the base that I need to avoid injuries.  I’ve also been trying to work in some strength training during my regular week days, which usually consists of theraband work, leg lifts, clam shells, and a few other random exercises I’ve seen online and in running magazines.  Here is my dailymile record of today’s weight session.

After the gym and lunch Anne (MIL) came and got Maiya so she could go to Grandma’s for a sleepover!  Maiya was very excited, as was I 🙂  I obviously love my days with my wonderful toddler, but also enjoy some time with just Olivia, and better yet some time to get some stuff done around the house!  Olivia was busy smiling and having some good tummy time before I put her down for her afternoon nap.Image


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