Training plans, rigid or flexible…

I just finished my run for today, I did a 4 mile negative split run on the treadmill while my girls napped. I’m loosely following the Train Like a Mother Half Marathon – Own it Plan for my Half in May. This is the plan as I’ve laid it out. It is VERY unlike me to loosely follow any training schedule. Usually I follow it to the T, too much so in many cases, as I’ve gotten injured from being unwilling to take a rest day.

According to the plan Thursdays are supposed to be rest days, I’ve been running most Thursdays because I often have my MIL to watch the girls. This means that despite the plan having 5 running days most weeks, I’ve been running 6 (my extra day has always been SUPER slow and easy). Today was supposed to be a 8k (5 mile) negative split run, but Tuesdays was supposed to be a 4 mile (6.5k Tempo), I did a 8k (5 mile) tempo on Tuesday, so decided that it was better to run a bit less today, especially since I’m planning to run 4-5ish k tomorrow and long run on Saturday.

I’ve found that this training cycle has been a bit up in the air with me juggling things more than usual. I’m always juggling my girls schedules, naptime, stroller runs, etc, plus my running partner Lori is just getting back into the swing of things after having had her baby, and I really want to run with her when I can, so with everything, the schedule has played second fiddle. How rigid are you with your schedule? Follow it to the letter, or juggle things around as needed?

This week has been busy in some regards, with appointments (I have to have a root canal tomorrow 😦 UGH), but I also had a bit of a break with Maiya staying at her grandma’s for two nights! I sure missed her though, and it was great to have BOTH of my smiling girls home this morning 🙂




One thought on “Training plans, rigid or flexible…

  1. Ugh! Root Canal! Good luck with that one! I have to check out the Run Like a Mother training plan. I have been somewhat following my own while trying to fit in running 3x a week and weights 3x a week. Missed most of the week before due to being sick. It is tough as a mama to get it in but important too 🙂 great job!

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