Snow DAY!

Yesterday I ran my long run with my best running friend for the first time in a very very long time (She just had a baby 6 weeks ago).  I actually ran half my run with her.  I started at Glenmore Landing, and ran 8k on my own around the reservoir to Weaslehead, where I met her.  We then ran 8 more k as an out and back, and she drove me back to my car.  Lori is coming back strong and safe, and is running a bit slower than we normally run our long runs, so I thought I’d run the first 8k as a race pace, or faster pace and then the second half at her pace.  I started out feeling pretty good, but the few hills that I encountered really took it out of me.  I’ve been running Tuesday through Saturday, and sometimes Sunday, and I’m really feeling it.  My legs are tired, and my left glute is unhappy.  After yesterdays run I was ‘just’ at 39k for the week, and was tempted to run today to bump it over 40…. HELLO OCD!  Instead I decided to use my brain for a change, and did a stretching routine on Nike Training Center by Kara Goucher, plus some yoga, foam rolling, extra stretches.

The next 2 weeks is going to be a chance for me to renew and rejuvenate.  I’m leaving on Wednesday for Florida! YES!  I’m excited to run, alone, in the sun…  but I also want to relax and not HAVE to do anything.  I have a 17k, or maybe 18k run scheduled for this coming weekend, then a 13 maybe the following weekend.  Other than the long runs, I think I’m just going to do what feels good…. take a few rest days and really come back ready to train hard.  We also have a pool at the house, so I can swim swim swim.  There is nothing better than waking up and swimming in the morning.  Remind me of how worthwhile this is when I’m tempted to watch my #’s the next couple of weeks…

When we woke up this morning it was snowing… and it continued to snow all day long.  I was so very glad that I had gotten my long run in yesterday.  My car below was completely clear of snow last night, and this is what it looked like mid afternoon.


I snapped a few pics of my very adorable baby Olivia as she was hanging out in her Exersaucer.  She is getting so social and is such a happy baby.  I just love her to bits!


Then this evening we had a ‘movie night’ with Maiya.  After dinner we picked a movie from Netflix… I have no idea what it was, nothing of interest or consequence, she’s pretty easily pleased.  Movie night included both popcorn (YUM!!) and hot chocolate, and some snuggling for everyone.  Tim and I are so excited for the years that are coming, the family movie and game nights, cheeeeeesy, I know, but we love it!




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