My girls and I flew to Florida on Wednesday morning. We are visiting my parents, who are down here. The original plan was for me to fly down by myself (eeeeeek!), luckily Anne (my MIL) was going down to NH where my SIL and family live, so she managed to book her trip with the same first flight as us to Chicago. It was great having someone to help with all our luggage through customs and security, and then to help entertain and cuddle the girls during the flight 🙂



From Chicago she went on to Boston, and the girls and I to Fort Myers.

I didn’t run on Wednesday (we were up and the crack of dawn – actually way before the crack of dawn) or on Thursday (I was exhausted and we were just busy doing vacationy type things). Today (Friday) I got my first vacation run in. Yay!! It was a great run. I don’t know the are we are staying in very well yet and didn’t want to drive anywhere. I measured out the block around the house and it was about 2.5 km’s on google. Perfect – that’s a decent length, so I thought I could do 2-3 laps and get a good distance in before I went crazy going in circles, and there would be little risk of getting lost. I ended up running it 3x’s for 8km’s. there has been a bit of a cool spell lately so the temp this morning was just 8C (46 F) when I started. Great weather for a run! Here is a link to my run.

I’m planning on running my long run on Sunday on a bike path we were at yesterday. I’m scheduled for 18 ish km’s. That will just make 3 runs this week compare to the 6 I’ve typically been running each week. I’m ok with that. It’s vacation and I’m also taking it easy and spending time with family. What about you, how much do you run on vacation? Do you skip schedules runs?


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