Long running on vacation …..

The schedule that I’m loosely following (Train like a Mother’s HM Own It) had me running a 11 mile long run this weekend. I’m not rigidly following the plan, especially for these two weeks that I’m on vacation but I do think that there it is important to do a few key workouts and skip lesser ones. Long runs are obviously key as they get your legs used to running longer distances. So as much as I would have rather gone to the beach with my daughter this morning, I had my parents drop me off at a park to do my long run.

We had been to the park earlier in the week so that Maiya could play at the awesome playground. I had noticed a paved bike trail and thought that it might work to run on. I hadn’t looked very closely at how long it was or where it went but thought I’d figure it out as I went along.

When I arrived at the park this morning and looked at the path again, I quickly realized that it was only about 200m long and would not work as a running route. Luckily this park was in a nice neighborhood and there was a bike lane along the road. I hid an extra water bottle in the park and set off. The first few km’s were along a road that went towards the Westin hotel. I veered into a neighborhood and ran until I got to 5 km’s. I wanted to run back to my starting point to refresh my water and have a pit stop. I was maintaining a really good pace and was feeling pretty good. I got back to the washrooms and my water at 10k and felt super hot. I rinsed my face off in the bathroom and filled my water bottles. I also ate the honey stinger waffle that I had brought for fuel. I don’t usually take in fuel during HM training runs but thought with the heat I needed all the advantages I could get. I really dislike gels and most other forms of fuel, but the honey stinger was awesome!! It tasted like a cross between a cracker and waffle/pancake with syrup or honey on it.

Apparently Lance Armstrong is was a sponsor of honey stinger 🙂


When I started out I felt quite perky again. This time I ran out to the Westin and entered the grounds. I managed to find about 3.5 km’s of distance in their grounds and then left and headed back to the park. At 15k I noticed that my average pace was below 6:00/km. it was then my goal to keep it there. I finished the run in 1:44 and had a total distance of 17.5 km’s for a pace of 5:57! Here is the link to my dailymile entry. All in all I’m thrilled with the run.

While I was running my parents took Maiya and Olivia to the beach. Maiya had a blast making sand castles. Olivia wasn’t as happy. I am suspecting that she’s going through the 6 mos growth spurt as she’s been ravenous lately. She is also struggling to nap well with all the activities that we are dragging her along on.

She was a happy camper once she got home and got to eat!



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