I may have a problem…


This is a picture of my current running shoe selection… yes CURRENT.  I have about 4 pairs that I am wearing regularly, plus some new ones, plus trail shoes, and others that I wear occasionally.  I’ve been buying all my shoes lately in the US when I’ve been down on trips, and thankfully, I don’t have anymore trips planned for at least 6 months.

I tried out one of my newest pairs this morning.  Newton Gravities.  I think I love them!!  I know people who love Newton’s, love them, and think they are miracle shoes.  I’m excited to run more in them and see if they work for me.  I have worn other minimalist type shoes, but haven’t found anything that I could wear on long runs, or run a lot of distance in.  Newton’s are supposed to be different because they have more cushioning.

I doubt I’ll go to just wearing any one pair.  Since my achilles injury during marathon training 2 years ago, I’ve really grown to love running in different shoes.  I think it keeps my body guessing, keeps all the supporting ligaments and muscles around my ankles strong and agile (or at least this is what I tell myself to justify my habit…)

How many pairs of running shoes do you have? Do you rotate through them, or just stick to one main pair?


2 thoughts on “I may have a problem…

  1. I don’t think you have a problem. Or if you DO have a problem, I have one too. I don’t know how many pairs of running shoes I have because I don’t want to count them!! I will have to try the Newton’s — I don’t have any minimal shoes, but I want to try them — but I want to be able to run a long distance in them. I rotate through my shoes, but surprisingly I gravatate towards my most worn shoes the most. They are like old friends 🙂

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