Gadgets and Numbers!

Someone asked me this week when I got my first Garmin, I had to think back… I ran my very first Half Marathon 11 years ago this coming fall.  It was the Okanogan Half. I had run a bit before that point, at least one 10k race in Banff, and I had done the 5k portion of a sprint Tri.  I was really a rookie runner though.  There were 5 of us that decided that training for a Half sounded like a fun goal.  We picked a training plan, and decided that a goal of 2 hours sounded good.  I didn’t have a clue at that point, I didn’t know that you should pick your goals based on your fitness or abilities.  It sounds so stupid, it’s almost funny now.  My now husband Tim and I trained together, we did almost every run of the training schedule (5 days a week) together, and then we raced it together.  We did come in under 2 hours, right around 1:58 I think.  I was hooked! (well on him, and on running but this blog is about running….)

So back to the Garmin, I didn’t have one then, in fact the first Forerunner was released the following spring.  We measured our Long runs ahead of time with a bike, and had landmarks picked out where we knew there were even km markers.  It’s such a strange thing to think back to.  Running without technology.

I tried to think back, and I’m pretty sure I bought my first Garmin Forerunner in 2003 when it was first released.  I was working in the IT (information technology) department of a big Engineering firm, and was used to being around gadgets.  My boss, who was a runner, came into work with this amazing new device – a GPS to track running…. well I was sold!  It was sure a clunker of a thing, took AGES to find it’s satellites  lost them if you ran near trees or buildings, but it was still pretty awesome!

I think that I could have downloaded the data from this Garmin onto my computer, but I don’t think I bothered.  I didn’t keep any sort of running log, I just followed my training schedule to get to my races, and didn’t worry much.  Fast forward to today, and I’m obsessive about charting, and recording every single km I run.  (Perhaps to a fault… )

Well I lost that GPS in a fit of moving related insanity (true story… but I’ll share it on another date and time – hint, it involves throwing it out and dumpster diving).  My next Garmin was the Forerunner 305.  This is when I started downloading and storing the data from my runs and I think I have most of the km’s I ran with this garmin saved in my logs on my computer.  This GPS was stolen when our house was broken into.  I went out and bought the newest and supposedly greatest model, the 405.  I still have this GPS, and though it has a lot of little things that I don’t like, it has served me well and is still ticking.

Some stats from my computer (I LOOOVE that I can look back at runs from 5 years + ago and see how far and fast I was moving).

According to Garmin Connect (which doesn’t have complete data until 2009 or 2010) I’ve run:

Year Distance (mi) Distance (km) Avg Speed
2013 232.38 371.808 5.9
2012 601.25 962 5.4
2011 956.11 1529.776 5.9
2010 520.49 832.784 5.4
2009 396.33 634.128 5.2
2008 69.9 111.84 5.2
  2776.46 4442.336  

These stats also don’t include my inside km’s.  I’m now tracking everything via Dailymile, and according to those stats I’ve actually run 573 km’s this year. My goal for the year is to run 2013 km’s in 2013… I’m a little behind in my mileage so far, but I also have been ramping back up following having our second daughter Olivia back in September.  

Sorry for the geeked out number’s post, but I love that I can look back and see these stats, and know how I’m progressing!



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