A great week in running

This has a been a great week for me running wise. I ran 50 km’s total. This is a good number for me. I often peak for half marathons around 50 k and although I am running the Police Half in Calgary in 2 weeks, this is not my goal race and this is not my peak mileage. I also am often bordering on injury during those final weeks of training. This time around I’m feeling fairly strong at 50 km’s. Sure I have a few aches and pains but nothing that I’d classify as an injury.

My runs this week consisted of a 5 km tempo (8 km total) on Tuesday. My tempo pace was between 5:10 and 5:20 per km. This was my first tempo outside and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous going into it. I’ve been doing my tempos on the treadmill and I find it easier to hit those difficult paces on the treadmill where if I don’t keep up I’ll go flying off the back of it. I’m also still experimenting with paces and how fast my training runs should be. My abilities have been increasing quickly since I gave birth to our second daughter and my paces seem like a moving target right now.

Wednesday night Lori and I did our regular 8 km easy recovery run. My stomach was not happy. I generally have issues with my stomach (TMI – bowels) when I’m increasing fitness and especially during evening runs.

Thursday I ran on the treadmill during my girls nap time. I decided to make this a hill workout because the half I’m doing in two weeks is pretty hilly. I could use some practice in hills right now. This was a great run. I pushed myself hard and felt good.

I ran my long run on Saturday. Lori had planned on running 13 km’s. I mapped out a route down to the park where we were meeting that was approx 9 kms. We then planned to run around the reservoir. This would give me a total of 22 kms. My plan actually had 23 kms on it but as soon as I started running I knew I didn’t have as much pep in my legs and that 22 would be great. I have 6 weeks left or so until my goal race (The Calgary Half) so I’m not worried about the exact distances over 21k at this point. In general the long run went well. My legs were tired and my left hip was talking to me but otherwise it was a good run and the time running with Lori passed quickly as we chatted. My stomach also felt good. I had taken Imodium before this run because I did not want I have the same issues with this run. It did the trick I’m happy to say.

Today was a short recovery run on the treadmill. It was very snowy in Fish Creek, so indoors was very much preferable today.

We also had some nice family time today. We went to Aggie Days at the stampede grounds. There were all sorts of farm animals there and Maiya and her friend Alexander had a great time looking at them!


Tim also snapped this pic of me reading a story to the girls. Olivia is just thrilled to be sitting and reading with her big sis. She almost always has a huge grin on her face anytime she’s hanging with Maiya.



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