Just cruising along….

My workout today was 4×1 mile cruise intervals. When I say I’m doing cruise intervals, I’m often asked what they are. So I thought I’d blog about it.

Cruise intervals are one of my favorite speed training workouts, and IMO one of the most effective for longer distances like Half Marathons. They are in general a fast tempo pace interval anywhere from 1 km to 1 mile in length. They are slightly slower than your normal interval pace but faster than a tempo pace. The difference between them and normal intervals is that there is not much rest between intervals, and ideally the rest is done in an active state (jogging, not walking). Today I rested approx 30 seconds by jogging at a 6.0 mph speed. I won’t lie to you, this is a tough workout, you move fairly quickly for the intervals and then don’t get much of a break between them.

Here is how they are defined on http://www.mcmillanrunning.com (a great place to go and calculate how fast you should be running your various training runs):
The Cruise Interval workout was popularized by the running coach, Jack Daniels. They, like the other Stamina workouts, are meant to increase your lactate threshold pace. Cruise Intervals are like shorter and slightly more intense tempo intervals. They last three to eight minutes and the pace is between 0:25:00 and 0:45:00 race pace. Like tempo intervals, they are followed by short recovery jogs (30 seconds to 2 minutes). You’ll probably find that it’s easy to run too fast on these. The tendency is to treat them like regular long intervals. However, keep it under control and work on a smooth, fast rhythm. Control in training is key to improvement.

The more you push that lactic threshold out, the longer you’ll be able to maintain that fast pace without getting that jello leg feeling (from lactic acid buildup). Here is a link to today’s run.

I also got some new running accessories last night when my MIL got home from the US. New running headbands! I already had quite a few from bicbands and had ordered some sweaty bands this time. They are both great brands IMO and practically indistinguishable. Here is my collection so far! (I want more and more 🙂 ).



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