To race or not to race, that is the question…

Here’s the thing, I’ve got a Half Marathon on Sunday – the Calgary Police Half.  Originally, I was planning to just run this as a hard long run, with the first few km’s easy and then speeding up to a faster pace, closer to my actual half marathon pace.  I am also racing the Calgary Half at the end of May, and have always considered that to be my goal race.  The Police half is a harder course, and also can have some pretty terrible weather some years.  This is a photo from the start of the race 2 years ago.  Lori had trained super hard for this race and was disappointed when her plans were foiled by the weather.Image

Well now that the day is drawing near, and the forecast is good, I’m rethinking that strategy.  I’m curious about how fast I am right now, can I break 2 hours?  I am pretty sure I could, but how much faster am I right now?  I don’t want to risk my performance in the Calgary Half in the process though.  Typically when I race hard, I need some good recovery, I’m very sore for days afterwards.  I know I have quite a bit of time between the races, but racing this half will probably mean that I won’t get any quality workouts in during the week afterwards…

What would you do?  Do you RACE every race, or are there races that are just fun to run comfortably hard?


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