Post race week

Generally after a half marathon, I plan a time of recovery and regrouping. This time, I have another half at the end of May. That means I have 2 long runs, a cut back week and then another race. This was to be my ‘A’ race (and still is).

What does this mean? Well I’m back into things already. I took all of one day off after the race on Sunday. Then ran 6 km easy on Tues, 8 km on Wed and today I ran 10 km with the double stroller. Not an easy run. A slow run but not easy 🙂

I’m planning a short easy run for Saturday and am hoping for something more than 21 on Sunday. I really want to get up to or close to 25k for my long run before the Calgary Half, but just have this week and next before I cut back to taper for race day. I just hope my body cooperates!!

Today’s run, while tough with the stroller was fun. It was sunny (yay!!) and I really enjoyed the time listening to my older daughter chat away. We discussed the big bad wolf and the three piggies, and the possibility of the piggies living in the woods we were running through, and we also passes by a wall that was a dead ringer for Humpties wall. She then walked the last half km home after I had finished my 10 kms. She collected rocks and dirt in her pockets and dawdled all the way home (I was happy to take it slow!!)



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