My Favorite Things…

I had a great run today (thanks to my fabulous Mother-in-law – I have a sick baby and would not have gotten a solo mid day run in otherwise). I have just 12 days until my next race, The Calgary Half Marathon and am trying to get in a couple good quality workouts in this week. Today was hills. I ran just over 8 km’s total, with 8 hill repeats in and out of Fish Creek. I felt really strong and had a great run.

I wanted to share a couple of my recent favorite running related brands. I wore two of them today. Firstly, my Newton Gravity shoes. I bought these back in March when I was in Florida. I’m still easing into longer distances in them but so far I love them. I ran my longest run in them today (8.5 km’s). They always make me feel super bouncy and speedy. I can also tell that they encourage good running form, a mid foot strike and faster cadence.

I also wore my InkNBurn Brittany running skirt. By far, my very favorite new running gear brand is InkNBurn. I only have 3 pieces so far, this skirt, a Phoenix cami and vintage tee. I love every one of them. The fabric for the tops is so lightweight that on a warm day you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything, and the skirt fits me like a glove, with perfect shorts underneath. Not to mention the amazing and unique designs on all their products. My running partner Lori and I are always discussing what piece we want next and when we will do another order.



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