What’s better than Christmas? The first Trail run of the year!!!

Well this morning’s run was simply awesome.  It’s been a long time coming, but Lori and I finally made it out to the Foothills to run some trails!  I have a week until my half, and since I’m tapering, I decided that this weekend was the perfect weekend to get our trails on.  I didn’t really care how far or fast we went, just that we got out of the city.  We headed out to Jumpingpound trail this morning, it’s a 10ish km loop about a 40 min drive from Lori’s house.  The forecast wasn’t great, but had improved a lot from the initial forecast of pissing rain all morning to scattered showers.  Besides, it isn’t like we’re made of sugar anyway, right? 🙂

It turned out to be a perfect day.  It was overcast, not hot at all, but not cold either.   The trail was in great shape, with a bit of water in places, but nothing that got our feet wet.  The snow was melted, with just a bit of ice on some of the creeks.  I brought my camera along so we could snap some pics along the way.  I’m hoping this is the first of many a trail run over the summer.  We also have to get out and explore some new trails just so that we have more options on where we run.

All in all this has been a awesome week in running.  Tuesday, was a GREAT hill workout, thanks to my MIL saving my day when I had a sick baby.  Wednesday night, Lori and I ran a nice 10k easy run (and our easy run pace is right around 6:00/km – YAY!), Thursday I ran a kick ass Tempo run (again thanks to my MIL for babysitting!), that really upped my confidence for next weekend’s half (and maybe scared the bejesus out of me a bit, thinking of what time I should aim for….)  Check out my DailyMile (link to the right…) if you want to see the specifics.  And feel free to comment on what you think my half goal should be next weekend… I’ll be blogging about what I think later in the week.

Here are some shots from today’s run… 🙂






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