Here we go again! The Calgary Half, goals, thoughts, etc …

Well here we go again, I running the Calgary Half Marathon this Sunday! I went and picked up mine and hubbies race packages tonight.

I like the shirt, and as a bonus, it isn’t red! (It seems that they do red shirts a lot!)

I’ve been thinking about my goals and what I think I’m capable of in a half right now. The Police Half was 4 weeks ago and my time was 1:53:31. That was a much more difficult course and I think even on the same day with the same fitness I would have been able to cut a minute off that time with the Calgary Half course. Since then I’ve also been training hard and think my fitness has improved.

The main workout that I’m basing my current fitness off is a tempo run from a week ago. I ran 12 km’s with 8 of that at tempo. It was in Fish Creek, so had lots of rolling hills, my pace varied from 4:45-5:00. If I calculate backwards from the McMillian webpage, that would predict a 1:48 half. I don’t think the training paces are meant to go backwards to race times but given that this was after a hard half, and then 2 hard weeks of training without a cutback week, I’m gonna say this is a good sign.

Ok so here are my goals (I’m making this up as I go, so bear with me).

1. A non-time related goal. I know I said this last time, but I do really want to enjoy myself out on the course. I have a good reason this time. I am having an ovarian cyst removed this coming Wednesday, and am going to be taking some time off to recover (hopefully not more than 2 weeks – pppplllllleeeeaaaaassssee!!)

2. Beat my time from the Police Half last month. This should be very do-able if I have a decent day.

3. Stretch goal – this is the hard one. Lets just say somewhere from 1:48-1:50, that sounds like a scary goal with a lot of uncomfortably fast running involved 🙂

Alrighty so there’s not much more to do, other than go and run my ass off.


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