Coming Back!!

Well yesterday was my first official day back to running after my cyst removal surgery 2 weeks ago.  In short, it.was.awesome!!  My original plan was to stick to easy 5-6km runs this week, but then Lori told me that her and Danielle were planning to go out to Jumpingpound on Wed night, and I just couldn’t resist.  I thought, what’s the worst, if I don’t feel good, I can bail and walk back to the car, the trail follows the highway the whole time, so it’s super easy to bail out early.  I ended up feeling great, and it was a beautiful night for a trail run.  Here is my dailymile link for anyone who’s interested.  Lori set the pace, and since she’s been rocking her runs lately and running faster than ever, we ran it quite a bit faster than the last time we were out.


I wanted to do something today, but also wanted to take it a bit easy since it’s my first week back and I don’t want any setbacks.  I decided to run 3 miles on the treadmill and then get on my roadbike that I have setup on the trainer.  The bike is a lot less impact, so I’m going to try to use it to get back into things.  I also have a duathlon in September so need to get in better bike shape.



After the bike, I was a sweaty mess!  I think the run on the treadmill got my heart going, and the bike got me sweating, it was great!




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