A new favorite thing…

I feel like I’m late to the party on this thing, but wanted to put it on my blog and share it with you all just in case any hadn’t heard of this product, or like me was all ‘Yeah, Yeah, I’m sure it’s awesome, but I’ve got stuff that basically does the same thing’.

So the back story… last Wed night Lori, Danielle and I had a date with the trails.  We were  headed up to Jumpingpound loop, a 9.xx km loop just west of Calgary.  I often do trails with my camelbak, but didn’t really feel that an evening less than 10k run really warranted a 1.5L camelbak.  I also have a handheld, but wanted to bring my phone so I could snap some pics along the way.  Big dilemma, 1st world type problem, I know.  For ages I’d heard my running friends rave about their SPIbelt’s.  I’d been thinking about buying one for ages, but just hadn’t taken the plunge.  Well on my way to Lori’s house I popped into The Running Room, a few of them were priced lower than the other’s and the deal lover that I am decided to grab the nice burnt orange one.  This is what it looks like all collapsed.



It expands so that you can put your iPhone, or other gadget into it as well as keys, or anything else that you want along for the ride.  Here it is with an iPhone 4 in it (it also fits my iPhone 5 no problem.)



I used it for my run today also because I was just running 5-6km and didn’t need my fuel belt with me, but wanted to listen to a podcast from my phone.  I put on so my phone sits on my lower back, and can’t even tell it’s there.  Lori bought one also, and put her removable Fuelbelt water bottle on it, and said it fit great and also didn’t bounce.  I’m totally sold, and can see this being a perfect solution at races also where I don’t want to carry my own water, but would like my phone so I can find my family or friends after the race.



5 thoughts on “A new favorite thing…

  1. Lori Vickerman

    You forgot to mention I wanted to wear it for a km on our trail run with your phone in it to see if it bounced… After several kilometres you asked for your phone back. I immediately forgot I was wearing it!! That’s when I was sold for sure.

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