When Mother Nature strikes!

This has been a crazy few days in Calgary. Last Wednesday night Lori and I ran by the reservoir and it was basically empty, we even commented on how it smelled like the ocean because the water was so low. We also passed a whole bunch of police officers, who we now know must have been inspecting the shoreline.

Thursday things started to go crazy, water levels in all the rivers and creeks (The Bow, Elbow and Fish Creek) started to swell. The same was true for towns south of Calgary including Okotoks (where my brother lives) and High River. I walked down to Fish Creek and took a couple of pictures. The bridges were closed and the creek was swollen but not super crazy.

By Friday, we were realizing how crazy things were. Most offices were closed and people were being asked to not travel more than they have to. There were a lot of people evacuated included approx 100,000 people in Calgary, as well as the entire town of High River and other towns in the Foothills. There was water in a lot of downtown, including the stampede grounds.

It was amazing to see this all unfold via social media. There were a ton of pictures and videos that were being shared. It was also amazing to see Calgarians pitch in in this time of need. The story is that of the 100,000 people who were displaced, only 1500 actually needed to use the evacuation centers, as friends, family, coworkers and strangers had opened their doors to the rest.

On Saturday I walked down to Fish Creek again. I wanted to scope it out to see if the path was going to be runnable. There was a bit of water on the path just east of woodbine but it wasn’t bad. Going west was another story. There were a couple locations where the creek was flowing in full force over the path.

Lori and I decided to run long at the reservoir today because we knew the path would be ok everywhere except in the weaslehead area that the Elbow river flows into The Res. It worked out great. We ran from Glenmore landing west towards weaslehead. As soon as we got down the hill into the weaslehead area we saw water on the path.

We snapped some pics and turned around to go back the other direction.

I ran 16 km’s total. It was my longest run post surgery and since the Calgary Half marathon. My legs felt great. I had taken it pretty easy this week as I think my insides are still recovering from surgery, and I think it worked out well. Hopefully I can get out at least 4 times this week and start ramping back up in prep for the SeaWheeze half in August.

After my long run, we walked down to Fish Creek again to scope things out. The water has receded a lot. West of woodbine the area that was totally covered by the stream yesterday, but now the stream is back in it’s normal banks. The path is muddy and a but damp, it’s officially closed but looks passable.

Next weekend we are supposed to be doing one of the legs of the Grizzly 50k in Canmore. Things are still crazy out there, with the highway closed and a lot of the trails at the Nordic Center damages by water and mud. Time will tell if that run goes ahead!


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