Terry doesn’t just run…

Today was my older daughters first day of daycamp. It’s a once a week 2 hr program that she goes to alone, without a parent. The plan is for my Mother-in-law to come and watch my younger daughter for the afternoon so that her nap schedule doesn’t get messed up driving to and from daycamp. The important thing to take away here is that every Thursday afternoon I am going to have 2 hours to myself!! Today I decided to use that time to ride my bike. I’m still trying to be a bit cautious with my running so didn’t want to run 3 days in a row.

The bike ride was brilliant. I only ended up having 45 mins or so to ride after dropping her off and doing a quick errand. I parked on highway 22x near 37th street. This is the view of what I rode towards on the way out.

I decided to ride 20 minutes and then turn back. It was a great ride out (which I realized when I turned around was because the wind was at my back). I turned back, and had to work harder, pushing uphill and into the wind. It was a beautiful sunny day though and the fields are a brilliant green from all our moisture.

I think that today’s ride has convinced me that this needs to be a weekly occurrence. I would still like to run on Thursdays, but I will either run on the treadmill in the morning, do a brick during my 2 hour window or push the girls in the stroller later.

I have a duathlon later this fall, so this is the perfect opportunity to get out on my bike. There has also been some talk about triathlons among my mom friends that has lit a spark. I’ve done one sprint, and hope that there is an Oly, HIM or even IM in my future!

I was also reminded today how amazing Alberta is. I love it here, it’s such a beautiful backdrop for so many activities.



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