Grizzly Ultra Leg 2 plus a bit :)


Today was the group run for the second leg of the Grizzly Ultra out at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  I was super excited about it, mostly because, it’s a trail run, and as I may have mentioned, I love me some trails 🙂 , I was also excited because I had missed the group run for leg 1 because I was only 10 days out from my surgery and it would have been a bad idea to try to trail run 14k at that point (believe me I was tempted!).

I wanted to run a bit longer than the group run (12 km), I had 18 km on my schedule.  Lori and I headed out to Canmore to try to get 6 km in before 10 am when the group started.  By the time we got there and had a quick bathroom break, we only had about 35 minutes, so decided that we’d just run 5 km.  We ran the first 5 km fairly fast as we picked an easy-ish paved trail and wanted to be back on time.

After a quick introduction and description of the route, we were off on the 12 km loop.  It started with approx 2 km uphill, and then leveled off.  It heads around a loop that has a lot of steep ups and downs.  One of my favorite things about trail running is that you’re automatically given permission to walk power-hike the hills.  The trails were in pretty good condition, given all the water and flooding that had occurred just over a week ago.  Some of the creek beds had washed some rocks onto the paths, which meant some tricky footing.  There was also some water on the trail, but really it was in pretty good shape.  I think there were some awesome volunteers who had spent some time on the trails this week cleaning them up!  The way back had a fair amount of downhill – that we had earned those first 2 km’s.  20130630-185945.jpg

As for gear – I wore my lulu Run Shorty Shorts, which I love.  They are super short, but once you get over that, they fit great, have awesome pockets on the sides, and  have these magic gripper things that your shirt sticks to when it’s pulled down over them.  I also wore my INKnBURN Phoenix Cami.  Lori was also wearing an INKnBURN top, and we even had the opportunity to gush about how much we love them.  They are so comfortable, especially in warm weather, and very well made.  I carried Gatorade in my Camelbak running hydration pack.  It’s super convenient because it holds 1.5 liters of fluid.  It does bounce around a bit though.  I’ve heard amazing things about the Nathan hydration vests, and one day I may get one and see if I like it better than the Camelbak one.  The good thing is that even though I wore a cami, I had zero chafing from the hydration pack.

Here are some happy girls, all renewed from spending a couple hours on the trails, ready (we think) to go and deal with, I mean, enjoy some time with our families 🙂


Here’s a short video that the organizer of the run shot, gives a nice view of what the paths look like from the Nordic Centre.


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