Stampede Road Race

I didn’t race today, but my hubby and my girl did.  It was a super fun (and laid back – for me) morning!  Tim ran the half this morning, he wasn’t in shape for a PR, didn’t expect one, but was happy with how the race went overall.  I love it when he races because I get to go and cheer him on, and get to encourage his running during the week.  We are both thinking of training for a marathon this fall, and though it might cause some scheduling challenges, I’m just excited to train along side him (I wish we could literally train along side each other more often).


Maiya, my 3 year old, also had her first ever race this morning.  It was just a short kids race, but she got a race bib and I bought her some running clothes (I had to take the shorts in so they wouldn’t fall off her!).  She was thrilled and was very excited to run her race, and I think was even more excited for her ‘swag’ at the end – a race medal and a bag of treats, which included cookies!




I had a great running week, and got my weekly total up to 50k!  I’m heading into 3 weeks of harder training for the SeaWheeze half.  I’m not back to where I was before I had the surgery to remove the cyst, but it’s coming along, and I’m just enjoying getting out there!


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