Grizzly Ultra Leg 3 – Lynx

Today was the third group run for the Grizzly Ultra Relay that we are running in October.  It was my leg, so I was super excited to run it. It is also the most challenging of the 5 legs, with a lot of single track trails.  All good things 🙂

Lori and I had a 20 km long run on our schedule this weekend, and the relay leg was approx 12 km’s long.  We got to the Nordic Centre with lots of time to spare so that we could get 8 km’s in before the group run at 10 am.  We took the first 8 super easy and at a nice slow pace.  My legs were tired from a long week of running, plus this was the most km’s I’ve run in a week since Olivia was born!

We met up with the group for the remaining 12 km’s.  The race director let us know that he was changing the direction of this leg this year.  So the elevation profile below is actually the reverse of what we did today.


We started up running uphill, and soon came to the meadow (in the photo below).  It is a beautiful flat area where Rundle looms over you to the South.  After this point, most of the trail is single track.  It was a lot of fun, and a lot of downhill.  We then came to the coal chutes.  This is a section of trail that is extremely steep (near km 6 on the profile above).  Lori, Danielle and I let all the speedy runners pass us and we slowly made our way down, trying not to slide on our bums.  I’m going to have to work up some courage on race day to actually run this section.  For today, it did not seem worth it to go a bit faster when the price may have been a twisted ankle.  We have a half marathon in a few weeks that we’ve been training hard for!  photo (9)

We ran for a while with an older gentleman, he told us he was 60 (and was in great shape IMO!).  He was trying to give us advice on taking the downhills, that we should lean forward, not run like girls and let gravity take us.  LOL, I told him that we’d continue to run like girls and kick his ass 🙂

It was a great morning of running!  Lori and I shared an order of Onion Rings from A&W afterwards (to replenish our sodium of course…).

I’m hoping to get my mileage over 60km’s this coming week.  It should be interesting as I’m driving to Saskatoon with both girls on Friday.  I’ll be running my 22km long run solo along the Saskatchewan river on Saturday, and have already decided that my reward will be a Fuddruckers Hamburger, MMMM 🙂


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