Long run on the road

This weekend’s scheduled long run was 22 km’s. The girls and I drove to my parents house in Saskatoon on Friday. Lori and Danielle were long running on Friday morning, but I didn’t see how it was feasible to run for 2.5 hrs and then sit in a car with two kids for 7 or more hours. I decided that a solo long run in Saskatoon would be the best plan. I also decided to get it done on Saturday, mostly so I wouldn’t have to think about it for an extra 24 hrs.
This morning, once my girls were up and fed, I got ready. I had forgotten to bring any electrolyte drink with me and had made a quick last minute trip to The Running Room the night before and bought a tube of Cherry Limeade Nuun. Umm, YUM! I also had downloaded the second half of my current audiobook that I’m listening to. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I will talk more about this in another post, but two thumbs way up for this book!
I had mapped out an approximate route on gmaps the night before but also decided to play it by ear as I went. I ran south along the west side of the river for the first half. Luckily Saskatoon is a great place to run. Much like Calgary, there is a great pathway system along the river. I took the river pathway all the way up to Diefenbaker park, and the location where they’ve built a brand new bridge. This is the far south end of the city, basically the opposite end of the city from where my parents live. This picture looks north towards uptown and past that the neighborhood where my parents live.

I headed back, for the second half I stayed on the east side of the river. The pathway here goes right by the University of Saskatchewan. You also get a really nice view of uptown and the Bessborough hotel.

As I got closer to my parents I was realizing that my distance estimate was going to be a bit off. The east side of the river is on the outside of a curve in the river and is much longer than the west. I was still a little ways away from my parents at the 22 km mark. I decided to just keep running as that way I’d get credit for the distance and get home quicker 🙂
My legs were pretty tired for this run. I’ve had a few weeks of reasonably high mileage, and have ramped back up with running and strength training very quickly post surgery. I feel good about it all in all though. My average pace was sub 6:00/km, which is a good long run pace for me. McMillan would have my long run pace at 5:22-6:12 and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the low 6:00’s but anything lower seems really fast for a long run for me. I have an 8 km run scheduled tomorrow, which will get me to about 63 km’s for the week! Every week that I go up is another post Olivia milestone! I’m going to try to keep my runs easy this week as my legs are starting to feel the strains of training hard for the last month. I want to get one last hard tempo run next week, and then I’ll be tapering for SeaWheeze in Vancouver!
How do you get through long runs in new cities? How fast do you run your long runs, are they in the McMillan ranges for you?


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