Mommy Long Run Recovery Tips…

I recently read a blog post giving some guidelines on how to best recover from a long run.  Many of the points were good tips and something that I do strive to do.  Let’s be honest though, as a mom, the moment I re-enter the house after a long run, I don’t get to focus on myself and my recovery.  I thought it would be fun to write a ‘mommy long run recover’ post, just for fun… 😉

  • Within five minutes of finishing, it is important to refuel with simple carbs and protein.  Check the fridge for Chocolate milk, discover that your 3 year old finished it last night for her bedtime snack.  Eat some goldfish crackers and leftover Kraft Mac and Cheese instead, preferably over the sink, or hidden in the pantry where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Before you have a chance to shower, or change, your baby will probably want to eat.  Don’t bother wiping the salty sweat off your boob, she won’t care and will be happy to have someone other than daddy attend to her.
  • Within a half hour it is recommended that you do some sort of core routine to ensure that you do not develop any running injuries.  Carrying your toddler around the house, picking her up and down, pushing her on a swing, transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, etc, any of these tasks will do just fine.
  • It is recommended that you eat a larger meal at this point.  Most of the other food in the house has been consumed by your family, and no one has taken the time to update the grocery list with what is missing.  Eat a bowl of cereal, cross your fingers that the milk is not lumpy.
  • After your meal you should take a shower.  If you are planning on running again within the next 3 days, showering seems a bit pointless since you’ll be just getting sweaty again soon.  Throw your hair in a pony tail, and put a sweatyband on to cover-up the line of salty sweaty greasy hair at your hairline.
  • If you have time, take a nap… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • Be sure to do some mobility exercises throughout the day to help keep the lactic acid at bay.  Running up and down the stairs to help your toddler on the potty, carrying your fussy baby up and down the stairs as you help your toddler, teaching your toddler ride a bike, getting snacks for your kids, etc, these are all considered active recovery and will do your body good.

Does anyone else have any good recovery tips for us moms?


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