#SeaWheeze Goals thoughts and ramblings…

I’m not sure what I want to say here, or even if I’m ready to say anything.  I guess I can’t post goals from the start line though, and that may be where I actually decide what they are.

I’ve had some really good weeks of training the last month or so.  I’ve pasted in my weekly totals for the last 26 weeks.  I’ve run 2 halves already this year, The Police Half was back in April (Week 17) and the Calgary Half was in June (Week 21).  I’ve linked in my race reports for each.


After the Calgary Half, I had surgery to remove an Ovarian Cyst.  That was back in Week 22, and explains the big fat 0 in mileage.  I’ve ramped up really quickly since then, peaking at 65 km’s (those are all metric distances – km’s).  The last week or two I have had some tightness and have been skirting with injury in my calves.  I’m sure I should have taken a cutback week in there somewhere, but I had a schedule to keep darn it!

I did  tempo last week at an average pace of 4:37 / km.  If calculating backwards from this pace to a HM goal works, it would indicate a sub 1:45 (in other words a PR) half!  I’m trying to decide if I feel ‘fitter’ than I did when I ran my PR half.  Honestly I have no idea, and I’m probably just going to decide once I’m out and running.  I’m pretty good at feeling out my paces, and have a good amount of confidence that I can do that again.

All this said, I still have a few goals that I’m going to write out:

Non time related: Have fun!   I’ve been planning this race for a long time.  I’m excited to get to meet a number of running mom friends that I know via Facebook, and the old Runnersworld forums.  I’ve also never run in a race this large, I think the entries were capped at 14,000!!!  That’s crazy.  I also don’t know if this huge race size will slow me down, or if it will be well organized and seeded.

Base:  Beat my Calgary half time, and get a sub 1:48.  This should be fairly easily doable.  I am in better shape than I was for the Calgary half, plus I was sick at the Calgary half.  So unless I crash and burn, I think this is an easy goal.

Reach: PR.  I really would like to go sub 1:45.  This seems crazy fast to me, but I know I’m capable of it, and I’ve never trained as hard for a race as I have the last month.

My race strategy will be similar to how I raced the Police and Calgary halves.  I am planning on running the first 15 km’s at a fast but not too uncomfortable pace (I’m hoping at a 5:00 / km pace or so), and then for the last 5-6 km’s turn on the speed, if there is any speed left 🙂

No matter what happens in the race, it’s going to be a fun girls weekend, so it’s a win win win!


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