1 week down, 14 to go….

Well I’m officially ready to admit it… I’m marathon training!  My hubby and I are training for the Seattle Marathon on December 1st.  I last tried training for a marathon in 2011 when my first daughter was a year old.  When I got my mileage up into the 60’s (km’s) or so my achilles started to scream at me (again – an injury from my first and only marathon completed in Vancouver in 2005).  I DNF’ed the 2011 marathon.  This time I was a bit worried/cautious about going back into marathon training.  I think (HOPE), I’m being smarter this time around…. and since I have had a couple mid 60 km/week weeks over the last couple months, I’m hoping that I’ve kicked this injury and can make it to the start line healthy and ready this time!

Last week went pretty well for me.  I took things pretty easy after SeaWheeze, as my calves were really tight going into and coming out of it.  I have spent a lot of time rolling them, and in compression socks/sleeves.  I’m pretty happy to say that my calves are feeling great!  Lori, Danielle and I ran 23 km’s on Saturday morning, my calves and ankles felt great!  We ran a pretty hilly route, and our pace was dead on what I’m hoping to have our long runs at.  It was about a 6:15/km pace.  This is on the slow end of what McMillian would recommend for my long runs, but I’m trying a bastardized version of MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training.  In actuality, MAF training is meant to be done with a heart rate monitor, but I’m not going to bother with this as I’d have to find out my actual max, and then wear a HRM on training runs.  I also think you’re supposed to keep your HR under a certain number for all your runs during base building.  I’m not doing this either.  I am hoping that by running my long runs nice and slow, that my body learns to burn fat and not glycogen for fuel during these long runs – after all that is the point of long runs – and the point of MAF training.  It also seems like a pretty good excuse to not pressure myself to push my pace at all on long runs! 🙂

This week has me doing a hill run tomorrow (8 repeats!).  On Wednesday, Lori and I are going to split our run in two so that we will have time to do a brick in the evening.  We’ll do some distance on the treadmills at the gym in the morning, and then in the evening we’re going to bike for hopefully 20 km’s or so, then finish off our run distance (hopefully 12 km’s for the day).  Thursday I’m taking a rest day! YAY 🙂  Then Friday will be our long run of 25 km’s.  I’ll just have to do one more run at some point during the weekend.

In other news, I signed up for Instagram this past week, so if  you’re interested in following me, I’m @terryruns.

My hubby and I took my oldest daughter camping last night for just one night.  We had so much fun, as did she.  We tried to cram all the best parts of camping into one night, we roasted hotdogs for dinner, made s’mores, had a campfire, played at the playground, rode her bike, went for a hike (walk)… I can’t wait for next summer when both girls will be older, and we can get out for a few nights.  I also feel incredibly grateful that I live so close to the mountains, and some fantastic camping!

2013-08-26 10.19.05


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