Back to work, plus August in review, etc…


Lori and I ran our last Tuesday morning runswap run today 😦 .  It feels like, this really solidifies the fact that as of next Monday, my life is going to change dramatically.  I’m totally ok with going back to work, I’m ready for something else to fill my days, and for someone to start filling my bank account again, but I will morn a lot of what was good about the last year that I’ve been on Mat leave.  Of course I will miss my girls, I’ve really enjoyed the last year of being home with them.  I’ll also miss the little routine that I’ve established with my running and working out.  I blogged about a number of the ways that I’ve used to fit running into my schedule back in May here.  I have had a little schedule going every week, and have enjoyed every bit of it.  

Mondays: Strength Training at the gym with my friend Theresa

Tuesdays: Runswap with Lori (these were often either hill or tempo runs)

Wednesdays: Strength Training at the gym with Lori in the am, medium long run with Lori in the evening (my hubbies night to put the kids to bed)

Thursdays: I would either run on the treadmill, or run in the afternoon while my MIL watched Olivia and Maiya went to daycamp.  I also did a lot of bike rides, or bricks on Thursdays.

Friday: Rest day!!

Saturday/Sunday:  Lori and I almost always long run together, and move our long runs around depending on our families schedules.

I am anticipating most of this staying basically the same, except I will do most of my mid week runs at lunch from work.  I’m pretty lucky to have a gym at work (with treadmills and showers), plus a lot of great running paths really close to work.


It’s been a busy week or so in our house.  We’ve had family visiting, plus the weather’s been great and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside.  We also celebrated my baby girls first birthday.  I’ve hardly had time to log my runs, let alone blog!  August was a great month.  I ran SeaWheeze in Vancouver, and came off that with tired legs, they were warning me to be careful or else I’d end up injured.  I didn’t cut back my mileage or take any extra days off, but I did wear my compression socks (A LOT!), roll my legs (A LOT!), and even spent some time with ice on my ankles.  All those things seem to have done the trick.  My runs the last week have been bouncier and faster than they have been in a while.  This feels pretty huge to me, I’ve managed to keep my mileage up (205 km’s in August, and 62 km’s last week), but still get bouncier and feel better.  

Onward and upward in September!  This weekend we’re cutting back our long run because we’re doing a mud run.  This is just going to be a fun race, so we aren’t worried about pace or time.  I’m also doing a duathlon on the 21st.  Hopefully with being back at work, I’ll have time to get on my bike before that race!  The ride is only 18 km’s though, so I’m not super concerned.  I also need to actually register for the Seattle Marathon, I was putting it off because I was worried that I’d get injured (again!), but so far so good, and I think I just need to dive in (right??).  


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