27 km’s done and only 11 weeks until ‘D’ Day!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Things have been busy on the home front, and I just haven’t had anything particularly exciting to ramble about (I know it never stopped me before…).  

I’ll start with today’s run because it’s fresh in my mind.  Lori and I ran our first 27 km long run today, that’s almost 17 miles for you non-metrics out there.  This was my longest run in more than 2 years, and Lori’s longest run ever!  I had tried not to think about it too much.  We started down in Fish Creek at Bebo Grove.  We drove down instead of running from my house because then we could use Lori’s van as an aid station without having to climb out of Fish Creek to get to my house.  It worked well.  We did a 7km loop through Woodbine, and then refilled our water bottles.  After the first 7, we just had 10 km’s out and 10 back again, totally doable!  I love breaking up runs like this, and think of each segment as it’s own goal so that I don’t get stuck on the big number in front of me.

Because I wasn’t over thinking this run, I realized last night that I didn’t have any gels in the house (ooops!), but did have one Vega gel that I had received as a sample at SeaWheeze, I brought it along and decided to use it for my mid run fuel.  We both took gels around 14 km’s into the run.  I quickly scanned the ingredients as I was opening it, and realized that the base ingredient was dates, I had a moment of worry that dates might not be the best mid run fuel (would they be anything like their cousin the prune???), thankfully, it was not only really tasty but also sat really well for the remainder of my run.  In fact, this afternoon, my stomach is feeling better post run than it has for a long time.  It could be that I’m just adjusting to the distances and getting into better shape, or maybe I hit some magical combination today that worked.  I will document what I did just in case it is the latter.  Breakfast was Cheerios with a banana on top, then a bowl of cottage cheese for some protein, and then a slice of bread with butter because I still felt a bit hungry.  I often will have a ‘heavier’ cereal with more protein and fiber because it seems to fill me up better, but I wanted to avoid additional fiber today, just in case it helped with the mid and after run PM (If you don’t know what PM is, just think hard… ____-monster, or don’t think hard because really it is TMI). 

Back to the run, it went by pretty quickly as Lori and I chatted about everything and nothing at the same time.  I did learn that if she had to Lori would fight a bear off me, and wouldn’t just run away to save herself.  A good running partner is really hard to find!  We got to 25 km’s and celebrated a bit because the next 2 km’s would all be ‘the furthest ever’ km’s for Lori…. she even did a little skip of prancersize, but not too much, because that would be the worst reason to get injured during a run ever!

As of the end of this run, I’m finishing this week at a grand total of 69 km’s!  I’m super stoked about that, as it’s my biggest week in more than 2 years.  I’m also excited because my achilles is doing great!  I have lots of little niggles and my legs are tired, but I have no injuries that are threatening to completely derail things.  I think this means that I really do need to register for this marathon… I know I keep saying that! 

My other super tough training run this week was a hill session on Tuesday at lunch from work.  I ran a warmup 2km’s and then did 12 repeats of a super hard hill next to the river.  It’s a fun place to do a workout because it’s a zoo at lunch, there is also a set of stairs that goes to the top, and it attracts a lot of people trying to get a mid day workout in.  


On Wednesday, Lori and I ran 4 km’s and then did our regular strength training in the morning, then in the evening we did a mock duathlon.  This was fun, but also hard as my legs were TIRED from hills the day before.  We ran 7 km’s, then biked 18 km’s and then ran 3 more km’s!  

Next Saturday is the Blitz Duathlon in Bragg Creek!  Hopefully it’ll be a fun race.  I don’t really know what to expect, but however it goes, it’ll be an automatic PR since I’ve never raced those distances before.  I’m also going to use it as my long run for the weekend.  I had a 16 km long run on my schedule, in addition to the race, but have decided that it is just going to be WAY too hard to fit it all in, and that running 10 km’s on trails + biking 18 km’s = running 16 km’s (or more even!)  

I’d love to hear how your weekend long runs, and training sessions have been going, and what fall races you’re training for.  It’s exciting to start to see people posting about fall races!!


2 thoughts on “27 km’s done and only 11 weeks until ‘D’ Day!

  1. I haven’t been running for distance this summer and going into fall. Am coming off an ankle injury of some sort, so have been taking it easy with timed runs using walk/run intervals. My longest run was on Friday: 1 minute walk/4 minute run for 35 minutes. It felt great. My next 5K is October 5. I hope it’s faster than the one I did in August, but am being conservative to avoid injury.

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