What? It’s October?? September in review!

Well September just flew by…  I have hardly posted here, even though I’ve meant to.  There have been a couple of races and a LOT of running to post about, but it just didn’t happen.  I don’t have a lot of time now either, so I’m going to type as fast as I can and post what I can in 25 minutes of writing.  Hopefully I can write coherently enough so that you all don’t run away!

Races:  I did 2 races in September.

On the 7th, Lori, Dianne and I drove out to Olds and did a mud run there.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this race.  It was a long drive out to Olds, and a lot of arranging my training schedule to go do a 5k run through mud and obstacles.  I’m happy to report that it was a blast!  I’m really glad I did it.  I’m not very good at relaxing and having fun, I take way too many things way too seriously, so this was good for me, and a lot of fun.


September 21st was the Blitz Duathlon in Bragg Creek.  Lori and I had decided to sign up for this race in hopes that it would get us out on our bikes this summer.  I did get out on mine a fair amount – on average once a week for 20 km’s.  It was a run-bike-run, with both the run’s being on trail and the bike being on road.  Lori and I met out in Bragg Creek before the race and car pooled out to the start line together.  We got our bikes into the transition area, and got as organized as we could.  Neither of us had done a duathlon before, so we were just guessing on how we wanted our clothes/gear/etc organized.  It was also a very cool morning in the foothills (frost on the ground).  I was in my tri shorts, a tank and arm sleeves.  I wondered at the start it I’d regret not having a long sleeve top, but it was too late for that, so I just went with what I had.  I also had decided on my hand held water bottle for the first run portion (7 km’s).  The more seasoned racers (and skilled cyclists) most likely refrained from carrying water on the run portions, and opted to just drink on the ride, but I’m still not super confident on my bike and didn’t know how I’d feel about only drinking while riding.  I ran the first 7k in 41:xx or so, and had pushed hard, passing a few people.  I got to the transition and had a hard time getting my running shoes off (I had double knotted the laces because the laces on my trail shoes tend to come undone).  It took me a few minutes but I was off and riding on my bike.  The ride was supposed to be 18 km’s, but my garmin tracked it at almost 19 km’s, and I got it done in about 45 minutes.  The first half was slightly uphill, and I was passed by a lot of people (all the ones I had passed on the run I’m pretty sure).  There were a few large rolling hills and it felt tough, especially after pushing on the first running leg.  After the bike, I switched back to my running shoes (faster this time) and headed out for the final 3 km’s of running.  My legs felt like lead, which was difficult on the trails, I pushed as hard as I could and tried to not fall on my face.  I passed a number of the people who had passed me on the bike, and pushed hard to the finish line in about 1:46:39!  My stats on race day were 3rd AG, 9th woman, and 42 OA, but something changed when they posted the results online, and I was listed as 5th AG.  There were no AG awards other than #1’s, so it didn’t matter either way.  I was thrilled with my time and standing however it went down, especially with the lack of experience in transitions and on the bike.  I would love to do this race again!


In addition to those 2 races, I trained hard throughout September, clocking 256 km’s (160 miles), getting my long run up to 30 km’s and keeping the injuries and niggles at bay.  I also, just last night, finally registered for the Seattle Marathon!!  So our flights are booked and I guess this thing is happening!  I’m excited for October, we are running the Grizzly Ultra as a relay team on Thanksgiving weekend, and have 2 32 k (20 mile) long runs ahead!  Plus the weather is just gorgeous, the leaves are turning, and the temps are cool, it’s a great season for running!



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