Freezer to slow cooker meal 2 – Orange Beef

We tried the second meal of the frozen crockpot dinners tonight, Orange Beef. The recipe is on a blog post from a few weeks ago when I prepped these meals.

I took the zip lock out of the freezer last night and defrosted it over night. Then this morning I popped it into my slow cooker and let it cook on low for the day. I was home today, working on cleaning and organizing the house, and it smelled divine!! I also ran tonight, and don’t like to eat dinner before my evening runs, so had to wait even longer to try it. It looked great bubbling away in the slow cooker.

My run tonight was cold, it was raining and barely above freezing. I could hardly feel my hands when I got home, so this bowl of piping hot stew totally hit the spot!

My kids also loved it. Olivia gobbled it up, but really she gobbles everything up these days. The real test is Maiya, she’s not picky for 3.5, but she’s much pickier than she used to be. She wasn’t excited for dinner until I told her that supper had juice in it! Kids are funny, she loves juice and it’s the biggest treat for her so the suggestion of juice totally had her hooked! I was out running but my hubby reports that she ate her whole bowlful of dinner. Victory!!


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