Marathon experiment #1.

There’s nothing like running a marathon that makes you over analyze details is there? C’mon, you’ve done it too, right? What pace should I start at, what should I do the first half in, what should I use for fuel, what should I wear??? Well all these kind of questions have been starting to go through my head lately. My marathon is feeling closer than ever lately! I have 3 big long runs left and then it’s taper time.

My big question today was on pacing. I was hitting up some of my favorite running moms for advice on pacing today and the discussion got me thinking. Maybe I should use some of the fancy features from my expensive GPS that I run with. How many of us went out and paid $200+ for a fancy device that can do everything but run the race for us. If you’re like me, then you’ve used about 10% of it’s features, basically just tracking distance pace and time. That leads me to experiment #1. I’ve made a course for tomorrow’s long run (29 km’s) and have uploaded it to my garmin. It has a pace associated with it (6:10/km) and a map.
So that’s the experiment. I will report back tomorrow with how it went, and I’ll also do a detailed post on how I got the route onto my garmin.
Have you used any of the fancy features on your garmin or gps watch? What are you currently obsessing over?


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