October in Review!

Wow, November already!  That means big things to me in my running life… mainly that I just have one more big week of training, and then I’m tapering for the Seattle marathon!

October was a record setting month, and little did I know that September was too!  My October mileage ended up at 302 km’s ish.., September was 256 km’s and before that, I think my biggest month was around 237 km’s.  I exported all my Dailymile logs into an Excel spreadsheet one day this week, and was having fun playing with the data, making some graphs 🙂

The most exciting thing, as I keep repeating on here, is that I’m not injured! YAY!!

This past week has been a cutback week, which is a good thing, because we’ve had a stomach flu going around our house.  My oldest daughter had it last week, and this week both my younger daughter and myself have fallen to it.  I haven’t missed any runs, but have had some not so great ones, and have dropped my mileage a bit.

Today’s was my long run for the week, and I was super happy to get to do it with my hubby!  We have run together since we very first became friends, but don’t get to do it very often anymore, so when we do it’s a huge treat.  It was a crazy day out there, weather wise.  Calgary had a snowfall warning and was supposed to get 10-25cm’s of snow.  By the time we started the snow was falling pretty hard.

Just as we are starting, it's already a white out almost!
Just as we are starting, it’s already a white out almost!

I originally had 21km’s on my schedule but had already decided, based on my flu, and level of energy, that I was ok with going shorter.  We ended up running just 15 km’s (and walking an extra km).  I’m totally good with that number, and was just happy it was a cutback week, as I would not have wanted to do 32 km’s (20 miles) in these conditions!  The worse part was that it was so warm that the snow was sticking to the bottoms of my shoes, and I kept having to kick it off.


Oh and the other exciting thing that happened…?  I got my marathon shoes!!!

Aren't they pretty??
Aren’t they pretty??

This week was also halloween, and I’ll include one last picture of my kids, because I think they were completely adorable!  Maiya was the big bad wolf (she has been totally obsessed with the big bad wolf for almost 2 years now), and Olivia a little piggie.

ROOOAAAAAR says the Big Bad Wolf!!
ROOOAAAAAR says the Big Bad Wolf!!



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