Peak Week done, it’s taper time!!

I have to say, I’m pretty excited to be tapering, this might change in the next few weeks but I’m certainly ready to run just a bit less.  I’ve really enjoyed this training cycle, and am really happy that my body has come through mostly unscathed. My total mileage for the last week was 81.86 km’s (or 51 ish miles).  I think that’s the most I’ve ever run in a week, and I definitely had the longest long run I’ve ever done at 34 km’s.

Here’s a quick summary of my week last week:

Tuesday was a progression run.  Did 2k WU, then, 2k @ 5:45 ish (5:43,5:44 ), 4k @ 5:30 ish (MP) (5:31,5:22,5:24,5:24 ),2k @ 5:15 ish (5:13,5:13), 2k @ 5:00 ish (HMP) (5:01, 4:57), and CD .  I really thought the MP paced km’s were good practice, and was a little surprised how hard it felt to run that ‘slow’.  I know that a lot of marathon plans have a lot of MP workouts in them, but I haven’t really done any.  I really have been careful with how many ‘fast’ km’s I’ve been running because I’ve been worried about being injured and not making it through the training cycle.  I’ve done some tempo runs, but that’s those have been my only ‘paced’ runs.

Wednesday, Lori and I did our medium long run.  It was 16 km’s (10 miles), and felt hard, mostly because the stomach bug that I had the week before randomly resurfaced during the day on Wednesday, and my GI tract was not cooperating with this run.

Thursday I did an easy 7 miles on the treadmill at work.

Saturday was our long run.  We planned another reasonably hilly route, quite similar to our last 32 km run, except we did not run through Weaslehead because it’s not cleared during the winter.  Both Lori and I felt way better on this run than we had on our last super long run.  That was a big relief!  Our average pace was 6:16/km or 10:05 ish/mile.  The pace felt nice and easy, and we walked through all our gel breaks, plus up the end of a few really long hills, so overall that’s a good pace for that run!  My legs felt pretty good, other than my left glute and left foot.  They weren’t too bad, but I could feel them.  Once I was home, my left foot and calf were definitely tight, I’ve spent a lot of time since them rolling my calves and massaging them and my foot, and it’s helped a lot to loosen things up.  I’m really not too worried about this, as it’s already almost back to normal after a couple of days.

It was a chilly but beautiful morning!! The mountains were so clear on the horizon.
Lori and I partying when we reached 32 km’s, a new record for her, and a post 2005 marathon record for me!

 Sunday I did an easy treadmill run.  I decided to copy Lori and do 8.2 km’s so that my Saturday and Sunday mileage would add up to 42.2 km’s (26.2 miles)!  I also added the times for the two runs together, just for fun, and got 4:25 – which would be a PR, so as long as I can run this marathon faster than my training pace, I’m sure to PR.  I’m hoping I can go quite a bit faster than that!

The week before last I had been feeling a bit burnt out and tired from all this training, but by Saturday, I was all over it again, and really enjoyed that run.  I’m excited for my mileage to be a bit lower for a few weeks, and also to see what it all adds up to in Seattle!  I’m also excited to start to think about what might be next in the spring, but am trying not to get ahead of myself.


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