Doing my part to keep it real

I’ve been thinking of doing a post about women’s bodies, fat shaming, and whole host of topics along that line. They are so prominent in media and social media these days. Lauren Fleshmen wrote a blog post this week titled ‘Keeping it Real’. For anyone who follows her, you might have seen her Oiselle runway pictures. She is seriously hot in those photos and was something like 3 months postpartum when they did the shoot. In her latest blog post, she posts some other pictures taken the same week as the Oiselle runway shot, where she has an obvious gut. She’s still slim and beautiful but has a tummy. For anyone who’s had a baby, we know that there’s much about how your stomach looks that is totally out of your control. I’m currently in the best shape of my life, and weigh the least that I have in many many years, but I still have a gut. I think it shows an incredible amount of self confidence to post those unflattering photos. I also think that the internet and social media could do with more of this.  So in the spirit of sharing… here is a pic of my stomach, in a plank… notice how it just hangs down?  Pretty sweet eh?  It’s pretty amazing what our bodies can do (ie. make babies and run marathons!!!), and I think we need to be a bit more forgiving of ourselves after the fact, and keep our expectations real.

Sorry for the photobombing dog… he’s there to show what a truly hot body looks like 🙂

I have many more thoughts bouncing around my head on this topic, but don’t know how to tie them all together, so I’ll just leave it at this for tonight.


One thought on “Doing my part to keep it real

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