2 Weeks and counting!!

I think I’m officially in count-down mode!  I posted that after my last super long run my calf was feeling tight.  I took an extra cross training day last week on Tuesday, and rode the spin bike instead of running.  Then on Wednesday, I did our scheduled 12km MLR, and the next morning my ankle and Achilles were definitely tight and sore.  I decided that this needed to be nipped in the bud and scheduled a chiropractor appointment that morning.  He found that my pelvis was out, and adjusted that, and also grastoned my calves and foot.  My left calf improved dramatically throughout the day, which was a huge relief.  He advised that I not do my scheduled 21k (13 mi) long run on the weekend, but to cut it short.  I cross trained on the spin bike again on Thursday, then ran in the pool on Saturday.  By Sunday my calf and ankle were feeling great.  I met Lori and we ran almost 16 km’s.  My ankle felt really good, I could feel some tightness in my PF on my left foot, but nothing big.  Today, things are still about the same, just with some tightness in my PF, but my Achilles feels pretty good.  I’m going to continue being cautious this week, I just have to make it through the next 2 weeks feeling loose and letting things recover.

I’ve started my pre-race weather checking… so far it’s looking really good!

0 % POP!!! :)
0 % POP!!! 🙂

Originally I had planned on wearing crops for the race, but now that it’s going to be sunny and hopefully above freezing, I’m thinking maybe of shorts or a skirt, perhaps with compression socks or calf sleeves.  I’m sure I’ll pack a whole variety of clothes so I can decide last minute.  What would you wear in this weather?


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