10+1 years Run-plus-more-a-versary

Running a marathon this fall started as an idea in mine and my hubby’s heads way back over a year ago.  Last fall was the official 10 year anniversary of our first half marathon, that we ran together, trained together, and started dating soon after.  Last year we thought, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if we could run a race together to celebrate?’.  But, I had just given birth in early September, so I wasn’t ready to be running any big races.  Originally, we were going to run the Kelowna marathon (or half) this fall, because that was our first half, but because of scheduling, etc, that weekend wasn’t ideal.  We were looking for other fall races, that were reasonably close and easy to fly to.  Seattle fit the bill perfectly, plus I’ve never been to Seattle, and am super excited to see the city!  We fly out tonight, so I’m going to do my pre-race post today, I’ll talk some goals and thoughts, and then will probably go silent until next week.  

My taper has been a bit scaled back from the plan due to some left achilles/ankle pain and tightness.  I’ve been to the chiro for graston a couple times, have had a massage, and have been rolling and massaging it myself like crazy.  I’m happy to report that it’s feeling really good.  My left hip has also been tight, but it’s also feeling awesome today.  I’m glad that I decided to be super cautious about the taper mileage though, because I don’t know if I’d be feeling this good if I’d continued with the original schedule.  I’m thinking I’ll do one last easy run tomorrow or Friday, and then just take it easy until Sunday.

As for my goals, my last and only completed marathon was back in 2005.  It seems like so long ago, and I’ve learned so much about running since then.  I had zero base leading in to that training cycle, and not surprisingly I ended up injured.  I stubbornly kept training through an achilles injury, rested my entire taper, and ran the marathon.  My finishing time was 4:27, and given my fitness at the time, and my lack of knowledge, a plan, etc, I think that was a fantastic time.  My fitness and speed this time around is significantly improved.  I’ve been running very consistently for the last year, and am eager to see where that leads me!

1. Base Goal: I feel like I’ve already met this in a way, I’m going to be lacing up at the start line, uninjured and feeling good.  I want to run a smart race, and get a new marathon PR.

2. Stretch Goal: I would be thrilled if I could go sub 4:00 hrs in this race.  I think this is a pretty do-able goal, but it’s been a long time since I’ve run a marathon, and I know that the marathon is a fickle beast.

3. Reach Goal: I am planning on running (if it feels good on race day) a pace to get 3:50, I am expecting to fade, especially with the hills after the 20 mile mark, but if all the stars align and I finish strong, then, it would be simply amazing to get anywhere close to 3:50!

So there you have it!  This day’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited and petrified all at the same time.  I’m also excited that I get to go away for a fun weekend with my hubby, to eat out, and sleep sans kids!  THANKS be to my amazing mother-in-law for taking on the kids and dogs this weekend, we are so very grateful for all that she does for us.  Oh and as a bonus… today’s my birthday, what could be a better birthday present than to get on a plane with my love and go away for the weekend?!



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