How was your year of running?

MissZippy posted this post a couple days ago, and asked bloggers to link up to her post and answer the same questions.  I thought it would be a fun reflection on the year, so here goes!


What was your:

  • Best race experience? This is a funny one, because if you asked me what my worst race experience was of the year, I’d answer the same race.  SeaWheeze.  I’ll start with why it was the worst… because I went out too fast, and allowed my brain to get negative.  Why was it the best?  Because it was a weekend away with girlfriends, because the race was really well run, and had a ton of really fun elements, because I got to meet a bunch of my Supermom friends, and because I learned a lot from the negative thoughts, and used that experience to rock the Seattle full marathon.
  • Best run? Anything on the trail!!!  I signed up for the Grizzly Ultra relay with a few girlfriends this year, and the race was in Canmore at the Nordic Centre.  They had a bunch of group trail runs so that we could do a practice run on each of the 5 legs.  Lori and I went to a couple of those, plus did a number of other trail runs through the summer.  I love trails, and wish I could run on them more!
  • Best new piece of gear?  This is a tough one, I spend way too much money on running gear, and therefore have a lot of new gear.  I LOVE my InkNBurn items that I’ve picked up this year, and also very excited to have a new Garmin.
  • Best piece of running advice you received? My self adopted piece of advice is ‘Train for a lifetime of running, not a single race’.  Everytime I think about ignoring my body, skipping a ST’ing session, not foam rolling, etc, I try to remember this quote.
  • Most inspirational runner? This is also a tough one, I have so many good friends that run, and that inspire me every day.  My RP, Lori, who trained for a marathon with me, but didn’t run one herself, HOW amazing is that???!!!  Or Jessica who has leukemia, and after going through chemotherapy, just completed a marathon in 3:45!!  Or Alissa who ran a marathon at less than 4 months postpardum, and totally rocked it.  Or Jenni, who’s son has SMS, a genetic disorder, and she continues to rock as an amazing mom and super speedy runner.  I could list something about basically all my running friends.  Maybe there are more famous inspirational runners out there, that have done even more amazing things, but I’m much more affected by the ones I know, and interact with every day.
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? This is the first year of the rest of my running life.

2 thoughts on “How was your year of running?

  1. misszippy1

    I really love the idea of training for a lifetime of running, not a single race. I’m all over that from here on out! Thanks for playing along.

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