It’s all relative…

Lori and I were reflecting on how far we’ve come in our running yesterday during our long run.  This last week, since I’m only 2 weeks post marathon, I *only* ran 4 days and 38 km’s.  My goal was to run 30 ish km’s this week, but it actually seemed a bit of a challenge (that I apparently failed) to run that little.  Marathon training has skewed my perspective a bit.  It wasn’t that long ago that I thought a 30 km (20 mile) week was great, and was what I basically maintained most of the time.  I was running 1-2 half marathon’s a year at that point, and would keep my base around that level, and then peak around 50 km’s a week for a half.  I also really felt that 50 km’s.  My body would be tired, I might develop an injury, etc.  This past year, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m running around 40-50 km’s on my easy weeks.

It is totally relative though.  I have lots of friends that maintain much higher mileage – closer to 80 km’s or 50 miles per week.  I even know some that run 7 days per week, only having a day off once every few weeks.  At this point, I don’t think my body could ever handle that kind of a schedule.  Maybe I’m wrong about that though, because I would have never guessed that I would have been able to run the mileage I did this past cycle without being injured.

I also know people who run much more sporadically than I do, and who look at my mileage and schedule and think it’s crazy.  Many of those people have other amazing things that they accomplish in their lives such as masters degrees and phd’s, or even cleaning their houses… I often let a lot of things go in order to fit in my runs.

What’s my point here?  That whatever you do and fit in, and whatever priority that fitness and/or running is in your life is great.  Do what makes you happy and healthy.  How much do you run?  Have you progressed past what you previously thought was your limit?

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