Out with the old!

Christmas usually involves a lot of new things coming into our homes. While it’s great to get some new items, it can get out of control and it’s easy for things to get cluttered. A friend of mine recently blogged about her efforts to clean and purge. Her blog 4 is More is awesome, and you should all check it out. Her latest post on decluttering inspired me to tackle just one area of my house today. My linen closet. It’s always a struggle to put sheets and towels away because there is not enough room for everything in there. I knew that there were a ton of items that never got used so I decided to go through it, pull everything out and throw out/donate anything we didn’t use. It only took an hour or so, but it turned out great, and now I actually have empty shelves!! Check out the before and afters.

And look at the giant bag going to Good Will!!

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