Meet the ForeRunners!

Are you sick of me yet?  Well today is my last week day off before I’m back at work next week, so I thought I should make it count.  I thought I should take a moment to introduce all the other Forerunners, and link in their info so that you can follow them too!

So here they are:

Michelle Christoffersen blogs at Fine Fettle Frets and is running the 50k Ultra.  This is a special 50th Anniversary distance for the Calgary Marathon.  If you’re looking for a new challenge, this might be it, check out the details here.

Peter Mitchelmore blogs at A Touch of the Runs and is running the full marathon.  He’s using the Hanson’s method in his training (which I’m very intrigued by), I’ll be following his progress to see what it entails and how it works out for him.

Lindsay Goldthorpe blogs at Strive to Stride and is also training for her first ultra – the 50k!

Crystal Rhyno blogs at Running with Rhyno and is hoping to BQ at the Calgary Marathon!!  This is especially interesting to me because her BQ time is the same as mine, 3:45… maybe I’ll be following suit one day soon-ish…

Leigh Debenham blogs at All You Need is Love and is training to finish her second full marathon!

Lindsey Allen blogs at Captured and Exposed and is training to finish her first 21.1!  The half marathon course at the Calgary Marathon is awesome, it goes through some great neighborhoods and is a pretty fast course.  If you’ve never done a half, or if you’ve done a dozen or more, you should check it out!

Tina Garstad blogs at Fabulosi-T and is training for the full marathon!

Karen Cooksley blogs at All Downhill From Here and is running 42.2 in Calgary this June!

Martin Parnell blogs at Marathon Quest 250.  He has been running across Canada in 2013 with the goal of raising $250,000 for Right to Play.  He competed his quest on Dec 31st, running a total of 10,550 km’s and raising $320,000!!  He is running in the 50k Ultra this year!

Krista Elder blogs at Read.Bake.Run.Repeat and is a mother runner who’s training to run the Calgary Marathon as a part of her effort to get Marathon Maniac status!

Well that’s the crew of us!  I’m looking forward to following everyone’s progress and I hope you are also.  If you want to meet some of us in person on Wednesday January 15th, there is a route launch at the Eau Claire Running Room.  I know that I will be there, along with a number of other ForeRunners!  Come on out, check out the route, and find out more about the Calgary Marathon.


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