My 2014 Race Calendar is UP!!

AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD it’s pretty empty 🙂

So far I’ve got 3 races that I’m for sure in for.  They are The Police Half Marathon, The Calgary Marathon, and the Calgary Underwear Affair 10k.  I will for sure be doing more races, but I’m holding off committing until after the Calgary Marathon.  This is mostly because I’m seriously considering a fall / late summer marathon, but want to wait until after Calgary to decide for sure.  Part of me doesn’t even like writing this incase I jinx myself and because it is ‘THE thing’ in the running world, but I want to see if BQ’ing sometime in the near future is something I could/should/would aim for.  My Seattle time is about 20 minutes off my BQ time… so it’s a serious jump to get to BQ from where I am.  I want to see where we land in Calgary and go from there.

I have two categories of races, here are the absolutely, already signed up ones:

  1. Calgary Police Half Marathon – April 27th, 2014 – Love this race!  It’s well organized, local, and for a good cause!  What’s not to like?  Well the weather can be one.  Lori and I ran it 3 years ago and it was crazy, there was 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  It ended up being a really slow training run.  I was good with whatever because I was training for the Calgary full that year also, but Lori had trained hard and was hoping to PR in that race.  We both learned a lesson – don’t put all your PR’ing hopes in the Calgary Police Half basket.  This year, we have a 32km long run scheduled that day, so we’ll probably do an 11km warm up before the race, which means time goals are completely out the window.

    Snowiest Police Half Ever!
  2. Calgary Marathon – June 1st, 2014 – at this point this is the big race of the year.  It’s not even my big race, it’s Lori’s.  It’s her first marathon, and I’m just planning on running it with her (if I can keep up!).  We’re hoping for something sub 4:00 hrs, so that would be a PR for me too.  I want to see how my body responds to 2 back to back marathon cycles.  Will I be all fit and super awesome because I just did this?  Will I be all burned out and not want to run anther one for a while?  Who knows… that’s why the rest of the year is pretty open right now.

    The Calgary Half was awesome last year, will the FULL be just as awesome?!?
  3. Calgary Underwear Affair 10k – June 7th, 2014 – sooooo a 10k one week after a full??  I certainly won’t be racing this hard.  I think it’ll be a just get my legs to keep moving for an hour type challenge.  This is a fun race though, and my one and only fundraising race per year.  I missed it last year, which was disappointing, so I don’t want to miss it again!  Who would want to miss out on running in your underwear! 🙂

    This is from my first Underwear Affair! This race is SO much fun!!

AND here are some other options that have been floating around in my head:

  1. Moose Mountain – August 23rd?, 2014 – There isn’t a date posted for this one yet… I was all registered for the 10 mile race last year and then it was cancelled due to the flood damage in the area.  I love this race, and trail racing in general, so would really like to do this one, as long as it doesn’t interfere with whatever I decide to do in the fall.  It sells out fast though, so I’ll probably have to decide before the Calgary Marathon.

    I LOVE Trail Running!
  2. Grizzly Ultra Half – August 3rd, 2014 – I did a leg of the Grizzly Ultra Relay this past year, and loved it.  This race is a 25km race, and sounds like a perfect starting point to diving into Ultra trail racing.  Again, I need to see how it fits with my fall plan.
  3. Grizzly Ultra – October 12, 2014 – I think we really want to do this one again… the big question, will it be Solo??  It’s a 50k race on 5 different trail loops from the Canmore Nordic Centre. Tempting….
  4. Ventura Marathon – September 8, 2014 – The big draw of this race is that it’s fairly flat and fast, and it’s on the last weekend that I could qualify for Boston 2015.  Buuut that’s a bit of a pipe dream, so I’m not seriously considering it until after the Calgary Marathon.  Let’s see if I can get a sub 4:00 hr marathon with some measure of ease (nothing about any marathon has any measure of ease, I do realize that).
  5. SeaWheeze Half Marathon – August 23, 2014 – This was a big highlight of 2013.  The weekend that is, the race itself was good, but I’m leaning away from going again.
  6. Blitz Duathlon – Sept 20-21, 2014 – I loved this event!  I really would love to do it again.  Hopefully I didn’t just love it because it was my first DU and I had no expectations.
  7. <<Insert Other Destination Race>> – Fall-ish – If I don’t run Ventura, then I’d really like to find some other fall race to travel to.  No idea if it’ll be a full or half, or what, but I’d like it to be in a fun place, and somewhere that I can meet up with some of my virtual running friends!  Feel free to comment and tell me where I should go!

I also have to work out the schedule with my hubby and what he wants to do.  Thankfully for me, he doesn’t like to do a lot of races, just his key goal races.  It would also be fun to go away and do a race with him again.

What races are you doing this year?  What races are on your bucket list, or must do’s?


7 thoughts on “My 2014 Race Calendar is UP!!

  1. I ran the Police Half last year and it was luckily a relatively nice day! No snow on the ground and none flying through the air. I’m running Run for L’Arche half marathon, Calgary full and one in my hometown in Ontario. Hopefully the Harvest Half again too in October

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a few for sure races, but plenty of options for others. Sometimes I like signing up for little races at the last moment. I wouldn’t do that for a full marathon, but for 5k’s and 10k’s I oftentimes decided a few days before.. or the night before! I’m running my first full in May, a few halves, and then just have a few 10k’s I’m thinking about that are all around the New England area.

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