Knuckle lights review

Lori and I showing off our new Calgary Marathon ‘In Training’ Toques!

Wednesday night Lori and I got to hang out at Eau Claire helping out with the route reveal for the Calgary Marathon.  We were handing out free toques and gloves to anyone who had already registered for any of the races.  It was super fun to get to meet and see all sorts of people who were running races.  Some were racing the 50k Ultra, while others were signing up for their very first race.  Some had time goals such as completing the half in under 2 hours, other’s just wanted to finish with a smile on their face.  It was pretty cool to see the gamut of people who run, all different sizes, ages, and types of people.  

After talking running and seeing all these runners, we were itching to run ourselves!  It’s been a lot warmer in Calgary lately, which has been great, but it means that a lot of the snow is melting, and in the evenings it’s freezing, making for some slick sections of path.  It is also still getting dark fairly early in the evenings.  When we headed out around 6:00 pm, it was completely dark, and so for our own safety we needed something to light our way.  We usually run with headlamps, and have flashing LED straps for our arms.  I had received some Knuckle Lights for Christmas in a secret Santa exchange, and hadn’t had a chance to try them out until now.  We ran 8 km’s in pretty dark conditions where the paths were icy in spots.  The Knuckle Lights were awesome!  I hardly noticed them on my hands, they are light, and didn’t bug me at all, but they lit our way really well.  It was also nice to be able to point them easily in different directions as needed.  I even used them to glance at my garmin to see our distance and pace. I would recommend them to anyone who runs in the dark, especially as we hear stories in the news about runners being injured or killed by cars, it’s all the more important to consider our safety and visibility when we run.



16 thoughts on “Knuckle lights review

  1. So sweet you ran for #Megsmiles today 🙂 I have never heard of knuckle lights! I am checking them out. I have hard a hard time finding a headlamp the one had for hiking bounces – it’l make you loony. What brand headlamp do you use?

    1. I don’t even know my headlamp brand, it was free with the Energizer Night Race a couple years ago. One thing I’ve found that makes the head lamp less annoying is to wear it around my torso instead of on my head. It bounces less and points lower where I’m actually looking.

  2. It was so nice to meet you and Lori on Wednesday! I’ve hard plenty of buzz about the knuckle lights but this is the first review I’ve seen. I’m surprised that they lit the path so well – I may have to try them. I hear you Leigh, I have a close encounter with drivers at least once a week during my run commute. I’ve learned that you have to make eye contact before you cross… otherwise let them go first – frustrating for sure.

    1. I really avoid running anywhere in the dark when I have to encounter vehicles at all. It’s so scary when you hear stories about runners vs cars!! I am lucky to be able to get most of my runs in at lunch during the week. It was awesome to meet you too! I hope we have some more chances in the next few months to get everyone together.

  3. oooh love run gear gifts!! i think these are a great idea! I agree we need so much lighting and reflective gear, yet i often feel drivers never look for us!

  4. I love all of the excitement that the Calgary marathon is building! The race routes look so fun! I’m very tempted to sign up but the timing is terrible for me. Maybe I can swing the half marathon as a training run but we will have to see.

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  6. Cool. I would have thought that with the swinging of hands the lights would be distracting. It would be nice to see and be seen, however, without that weird feeling of a headlamp on my head.

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