Blog-a-versary, a favorite thing, and a long run

I had a notification from WordPress when I logged in tonight that it was one year ago yesterday that I started this blog!  Hard to believe, and almost equally hard to believe that I’ve stayed reasonably consistent posting for a whole year!  It’s been quite a year, starting with my running just coming around post baby Olivia.  The first posts accounted a lot of mine and Lori’s first run’s postpartum.  It’s interesting that a year ago I was debating running 5 vs 6 days a week!  I’ve been running 6 days a week for the last few weeks to try to bump my mileage up again.

The blog has also evolved to having quite a bit of cooking, recipes and even baking on it!  My first foodie post was on baking bread.  I’ll be honest here, since I went back to work in September, I’ve rarely made our bread.  I just don’t have time, and something had to give.  I also posted when I made my daughter’s birthday cake last year.  I made a Big Bad Wolf cake, and interestingly enough, I think this might be my most viewed post (well next to my Lauren Fleshman retweeted #keepingitreal post).  My first race postpartum was the Police Half Marathon, and I surprised myself by racing it so well.  I spent a lot of the year trying to balance life with 2 kids, and running.  I was very lucky to get to stay home for a year after each of my daughters, but it also added to the challenge of finding time to run.  Here are some of my tips on how I fit runs in.  I posted a lot about trail running through the summer, and can’t wait to start posting trail pictures again!  I ran the SeaWheeze half in Vancouver.  I went back to work, and all of a sudden life changed, in some ways I had more time (childcare) but also had to be much more organized.  I started making a lot of freezer meals, including lots of slow cooker freezer meals.  I ran a marathon!  My first successful marathon training cycle, and first completed marathon since 2005.  I reviewed 2013 here (spoiler alert, it was a great year!)  2014 is looking like it’s going to be equally great!  I’m an official blogger for the Calgary Marathon.  I’m looking forward to what the year of running and blogging will hold.

For this week’s favorite thing, I’m going to link a past review.  The second company that has very generously made a donation to the giveaway that I’m going to be doing for the Calgary Underwear Affair is Knuckle Lights!  I wrote a review of mine just over a month ago.  If you missed my last post where I revealed a bit about this giveaway, I’m running in a charity race in June, and have approached a bunch of companies who’s products I already own and love.  If you go to my donation page, every $20 that you donate will give you a chance to enter in a giveaway for a whole bunch of awesome running related items!  You can donate at any time to be eligible, but will need to watch my blog for the official entry post, but that won’t be for a couple months.  I am going to highlight the cool products that agreed to donate first.

Today was the last long run in the 4 week hills module that Lori and I were doing.  In 2 weeks (when she get’s back from Mexico – LUCKY GIRL!) we will start on our official 12 week marathon plan.  It feels like we’re already into marathon training in a lot of ways.  Today especially felt like a real training run.  First it was COLD, and my legs were TIRED, plus my left IT Band is a bit tight.  It was a mentally tough run, and who am I kidding, a physically tough run also.  There was a skiff of snow on the ground, and it was pretty icy underneath, which made footing a bit dicey.  As tired as I was through the run, and right afterwards, I actually feel a lot better now.  I’m sitting and relaxing wearing my Juggler Knickers from 110, and a pair of knee high compression socks from ProCompression, and I’m already feeling better!  I haven’t decided on an official schedule, or even if I’ll have one over the next 2 weeks, but I know that I’m going to be running a lot less.  I want to head into our 12 week marathon cycle nice and rested and ready to work  hard!

My cute ProCompression socks under my jeans! I often plan my post long run outfit around wearing my compression gear under it 🙂

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments, I truly appreciate all of you, and hope you enjoy reading for another year!


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