Warm weather, Marathon training is on AND I’ve got a cold!!

How is it even possible that FINALLY it’s warmed up, plus this is Week 1 of our 12 week marathon training cycle, and I’ve caught a cold from my daughter!?!  I guess it’s lucky that it is week 1, that I still have 11 weeks after this week, and that my body is really rested at this point, so any running that I am doing isn’t super taxing on my legs, but still it seems like there is a tiny little bit of injustice here.  

I am lucky though, the cold hasn’t gotten too bad, I even got a run in today.  Officially I’m probably breaking the “running while sick” rule – that you shouldn’t run if the cold is below your neck.  I admit to a bit of chest congestion, but for anyone who knows me at all, I’m not one to follow the rules!  I took off from work at lunch for my first (of many) lunchtime runs at the new job.  My old job was right downtown, within a 5 minute walk of the river pathway system.  My new job is in a somewhat industrial area, but luckily it’s also just over 1 km from the pathway system along the Elbow River.  Really, Calgary is super amazing and filled with city pathways nearly everywhere, so it shouldn’t surprise me that I’m not too far away from some good running options.  I was only going to run for as long as I felt good, 6-7 km’s maybe, but ended up feeling pretty good, and also took a longer way back to avoid some icy spots, so ended with 8.5 km’s today, I’ll take it! 🙂


With marathon training starting, I wanted to share another of my favorite things, something that I’m often found recovering in after a long run, or hard training run.  That is my 110% Juggler Knickers.  These things are amazing.  They are compression crops that have little sleeves all over them so that you can put ice packs in them and ice while you compress!  Brilliant!  I ordered them just before my marathon, so the first time I actually used them was after the Seattle Marathon.  Since them, I’ve worn them a ton, I put them on right after a hard run, ice my glutes or IT bands, or both, and sometimes I even sleep in them.  I realize the jury is still out on compression and ice and whether they are effective recover tools, but I know for me, I feel like my legs bounce back way faster when I’m using one, or ideally both.  I approached 110% Play Harder regarding my idea to do a give away while raising money for Cancer’s below the waist and they generously offered to contribute a pair of their Flat Out Compression Sox, which I also own, and LOVE.  Stay tuned for a blog post with all the gory details, but briefly, every $20 you donate to my fundraising efforts will give you an entry to win one of a number of awesome products like this one.

Also, I wanted you to know that I have only approached companies that have products that I’m already using, and love.  I am not endorsing these products for my own benefit, but because when I approached them they were super generous and offered to donate a prize.  I absolutely believe in the charity and the event, and do it every year, I hope I can raise a bit more money for a worthy cause through my blog, but no pressure to any of you, I hope if nothing else you learn of some cool companies with great products who are generous with their product when they hear of a good cause.

Just to remind you, the other two products that I’ve announced so far are Knuckle Lights and BIC Bands, check out what I had to say about them also!

What are your favorite companies or products?  Do you run when you’re sick?


2 thoughts on “Warm weather, Marathon training is on AND I’ve got a cold!!

  1. A cold is just part of training – seems like you’re getting yours out of the way early? Perhaps if you conquer this well, you’ll have bolstered your immune system to resist other stuff closer to the date. Feel better soon!

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