How to choose a Running Partner… My Version

I know that I talk about my Running Partner, Lori, here quite a bit.  That’s because she and my running are completely and utterly intertwined.  Most weeks we run at least two of our runs together, plus we try to hit the gym for some strength training as often as we can.  I was browsing the RunnersWorld webpage today and came across THIS article on finding the right running partner, and I thought I’d give you my version.


Have a Few Have Only One

The original article explains that it’s great to have an exclusive running partner until he gets injured, goes on vacation, or a whole host of other things prevents him from running.  Well if you choose right, you’ll find that perfect partner that runs through illness, hurricanes, snow storms, and basically NEVER ever EVER cancels on a run on you.  I guess she did recently commit one of the crimes listed in the article and go on vacation, but I survived a couple weeks of solo runs.

Befriend a Faster Runner Befriend an Exact-Same-Pace-as-You Runner

Lori and I are remarkably similar in our paces currently (though I secretly think she’s WAY faster than I am, but don’t tell her because I don’t want her to know that I’m out of her league).  Case in point:  Last summer we ran the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC together, well not together exactly.  We started the race next to each other, but had agreed before the race that we’d each run our own races.  I am more aggressive a runner (OK – arrogant) and went out faster than she did, throughout the race, I felt like I could feel her right behind me, and did see her a couple of times.  I had gone out too fast, and was struggling towards the end, she was also having a tough race, but caught up to me in the last few km’s.  This led to our basically racing each other in to the finish line, and finishing within a second of each other.  Ever since this race, we’ve been training at the same paces, and it’s worked out great, allowing us to even do speedwork and tempo runs together.


Sync Schedules Plan Your Pregnancies and Families With Each Other

Ok, so we didn’t exactly specifically plan to have both of our sets of kids at the same time, but we also didn’t NOT plan to have them at the same time… make sense?  Planning aside, it worked out amazingly convenient for us that we have had both our first and second born babies within a few months of each other, which meant that we have both had two maternity leaves off work at the same time as the other.  While we were off work, it helped immensely to have another running friend off work.  After our first babies were born, we would often run together with our jogging strollers, both getting back into shape at the same time.  After our second babies, it was winter, and we were both a little less eager to push two kids in strollers, so we’d take turns watching all the kids while the other ran.  Now that we are both back at work full time, it still works well that we are in the same point of our lives, with young kids and husbands and jobs to juggle our running schedules around.  I know other people who run with larger groups, but I don’t know how I would schedule my life with a bunch of other people’s schedules, along with my kids and my husband (who is also trying to get his runs in).


In all seriousness, I really enjoy running with different people, I’ve met a number of new running buddies through the Calgary Marathon Forerunners group, and am thrilled about it.  I hope that I can be involved in group runs with them and all sorts of runners. BUT that said, having one regular, dedicated, in sync Running Partner is invaluable.


7 thoughts on “How to choose a Running Partner… My Version

  1. A running partner. This winter is the closest I’ve ever come to having one, what with probably a half dozen runs with Michelle. Which happened totally by accident. I’ve never really had much luck running with anyone because, well, I run so slow. Still learning and all. Glad you’ve got a good one!

  2. I would LOVE a Calgary runner partner. Right now my running bestie lives in St Louis, so iti’s not quite the same. We can complain about the weather to one another, but it sure would be nice to have a real life person to run with 🙂

  3. That’s so awesome that you have found a great running partner and friend 🙂 I trained last year with a friend that I met through CrossFit and it worked out well! We motivated each other, ran the same pace and enjoyed each other’s company. But she’s pregnant, so no running the Calgary full with her this year 😦 It’s definitely hard to find someone that has the same schedule, pace, and that you actually want to spend that much time with!

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