A Day in the Life of Lori and Terry’s Strength Training

Lori (my running partner) and I have been pretty dedicated to strength training for a while now.  We each aim to lift weights twice a week if possible, and most weeks we strength train together once a week.  I think that this is one of the BIG reasons that I haven’t had any significant injuries since my DNF at the 2011 Calgary Marathon, despite running more than ever before.  I wanted to do a few blog posts summarizing the kinds of things we do.  Here’s the workout we did last night:

We try to cover off each muscle group, and check them off mentally as we’re going, so I’ll split the workout up as such.

(**Disclaimer, I’m not a professional, medical, fitness, or otherwise, if you are unsure of anything please consult with a professional and don’t trust my opinion**  Also, because I’m not a trainer, I don’t want to give advice on proper form, if you’re unsure on how to do any of the exercises, I recommend using a trainer so that you can learn them the right way.)


We alternated Kettlebell Swings, and Single Legged Deadlifts.  As much as possible, we try to be efficient in our workouts and do things that require compound movements.  We also are always focused on typical areas of weakness for runners, such as glutes, hamstrings, core, etc.  We each did 3×12 reps of each (12 reps on each leg for the deadlifts).

Single leg deadlifts, this is also a good balance challenge!
Kettlebell swings, this one always makes me stiff when I haven’t done it for a while!


Because we are often in a busy gym, we always try to share a bench, alternating between a bench move and a standing one.  Last night we alternated Chest Press and Cleans (We skipped the squat portion of the Clean because we didn’t want to totally trash our legs).  3×12 reps of each.

Chest Press
Cleans, sans squat – though we often do them with a squat also.

For Triceps we did tricep extensions with a dumbbell.

Tricep extensions


The TRX is a staple item in our core workouts.  We try to use it every time we strength train.  They are awesome tools, and even if you aren’t a gym member, they are pretty reasonably priced and very versatile.  If I was setting up a home gym, it would be on my must have list.

Last night we did TRX knee tuck-in’s with a twist alternated by side planks with a leg raise.  I think one of the very most important things for runners to strengthen are their hips.  If you’ve ever had ITBS, chances are you’ve had weak hips.  For this reason we ALWAYS do some sort of hip strengthening exercise.  This one is a great way to double up on hips and obliques at the same time!  3×12 reps of each.

Side plank with a leg lift – This one was SUPER hard when we first started, Lori has a leg resting on the ground, which is a good way to start if your hips aren’t strong enough yet.
Single knee tuck-ins with a twist – bring your knee up to your chest and twist it towards your shoulder, another toughy but a goodie!

Next we did pikes on the TRX alternated with a 1 minute Superman plank.


Superman planks, harder than they look!
TRX Pikes – Another tough but awesome TRX move!

At the end we always try to finish up with stretching and rolling.  I am not always super good at foam rolling at home, even though it’s easy and I know I should, but it’s become a habit at our weekly workouts so at least I know it gets done once a week!

That’s what we did last night, we have lots of other moves in our repertoire, so I’ll try to do a few more of these posts in the next little while.  Do you strength train?  How often?


7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Lori and Terry’s Strength Training

  1. Loved this post! I personally think that strength training is so, so important! I got into it with someone on Twitter that was a running coach and didn’t believe in strength training while training for a race. It helps to keep you injury free and makes you a stronger runner!

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