The making of The Wizard of Oz cake

We celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that she is turning 4 this week!!  It’s been a tradition for me to make and decorate a cake for my kids.  Last year Maiya was completely obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf, and I made a Big Bad Wolf cake, with Little Piggie cupcakes.  It was my first effort at a fancy, decorated type cake, and it came out really well I think.  This year when I asked Maiya what she anted, she was at first still very obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf and was still stuck on that topic, but just in the last few weeks, she’s seen and fallen in love with The Wizard of Oz. 

We decided on an Oz birthday cake, and I started researching, and googling to see some examples of what people have done.  With the Wolf cake, there wasn’t a lot out there, but I did find one really good site that gave some detailed instructions on how she created her cake.  I found a lot of images of Oz cakes, but no specific instructions.  I decided to take the theme and just go with it on my own.

I started with a plain rectangular cake pan, and baked a white cake (Maiya’s choice) in it.  I did a crumb coat of butter cream icing over the entire cake.  I used fondant (purchased pre made) for the yellow brick road, so rolled that out in a long narrow strip, and draped it across where the road was going to go.  


Then I cut the profile of the road into it, and used a straight edge and a butter knife to make grooves to look like bricks in the road.  I have to say, I had no idea how this was going to turn out, but it looked a lot like bricks and I was very happy with the product.  


For either side of the road I used green butter cream and the grass tip that I had used last year to make wolf fur to make grass.  This was not difficult, but it was time consuming and tiring sitting leaning over the cake for so long.  I had bought some rock candy sticks to use as the Emerald City.  I had seen this done on a picture I found on google, and it looked like a fairly simple but effective way to show the city.  


For the poppy field, I had originally made some small flowers with home made royal icing and red food coloring but they were really pink not red like they should have been, so I went and bought some premade red icing so that I could get more realistic looking poppies.   A little spot of black in the middle made them look even more like poppies.  I made these on waxed paper and put them into the fridge to harden.  They didn`t transfer perfectly to the cake but were small enough that it didn`t make a big difference (at least not to the 4 year old…).  


The best part of all of the cake was the characters.  I totally fluked into someone selling a Mega Blox Wizard of Oz set on Kijiji, it is a collectors edition set apparently, but she was selling it for a fair price and I jumped at the opportunity.


Maiya loved the cake, and I was thrilled to see the look on her face!  She was totally spoiled by everyone at her party, and her grandparents joined forces to make her up into Dorothy.  I think she`s pretty darn adorable!




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